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Happy birthday okeefecl !!

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Happy Birthday Christy!!!

I hope you have a wonderful day surrounded by love, laughter, and lots of cake!

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Happy Birthday Christy!
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Enjoy this beautiful day here in the land of rain!! LOL Hopefully the sun will come out today for you my friend!
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...Happy birthday Dear Christy!!!

Many happy returns!!!
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Happy BIRTHDAY!!!I hope you have a lovely day
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Hope it's a great one!
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Happy Birthday, Christy!!!

Enjoy your very special day!
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Happy b-day chikk!!

Hope you are surrounded with lots of love, Ivo snuggles and gifts!

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Happy Birthday, Christy!
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Thanks for the warm wishes everyone! It's been a good day-I treated myself to lunch at my favorite restaurant and got some good imported beer. Ivo's been snuggly today, too, so all around it's been a wonderful birthday.
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Happy Birthday!!!
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Christy!! Many Happy Returns!
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Happy Birthday Christy!!!
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Christy, I REALLY wanted to get on yesterday to send my best wishes for a completely happy birthday and a wonderful year, but I just never got the chance.

I'm so glad to hear you had a nice birthday filled with Ivo snuggles!

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Happy Birthday Christy

I am a day late
Here is another cake to enjoy
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Happy (belated) birthday, Christy! I hope your birth-week is just as wonderful as the day was!
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