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Dying? Or just wetting??

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So, my normally outdoor, sometimes indoor to sleep cat, came into my home this evening, ate, cuddled a bit, then jumped on my bed and fell asleep. When I got into bed, I nudged him with my foot, as he'd taken my spot, and he fell out of bed. After he landed, he wheezed a few times, and then I noticed he had pooped. When I got up to clean it, I noticed that he had also peed on the bed...He hardly moved when I was cleaning up, in fact I had to lift him up to get all the poop. Then he laid like a lump on the floor for 30 minutes, and only now, as I type has he sat up and started cleaning himself. Is is possible that this happened because he was sleeping so soundly? He is 10 and has never done anything like this before...
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The only time that I've ever seen what you are describing happened to me with one of my dogs and one of my cats. Both of them had strokes. Has he gotten up to move around and is he having any difficulty moving?

It is very doubtful that he lost control because he was sleeping so soundly. It's usually something neurilogical that causes that and that could be a stroke, a brain tumor, or physical trauma (hit by a car).

It sounds like something serious has happened to him and you need to get him to the vet ASAP. If you don't call an emergency vet right now, call your vet as soon as their office is open in the morning. I strongly suggest you get in touch with an emergency vet.

Keep us posted please!
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What you're describing is very unusual for a cat to do. As Momofmany pointed out, it could be neurological; he could also have gotten into something poisonous. Whatever the cause, these are serious signs of illness. I urge you to get your kitty to a vet ASAP!!!

I hope he'll be ok. Please let us know.
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Oh my, this does sound serious.
Get well vibes for your kit and for you.
I hope the vet visit is a very positive one.
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Please keep us posted with what the vet says.
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