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Foster Kittens

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Are little stinkers (hope this is the right place). I can't believe we have had them for 8 week already. They are going to the Humane Society, along with their mama, tomorrow.

A little background:

Eight weeks ago we were called to foster a litter of four kittens and mama. Took them home and four turned to five. Sadly one kitten wasn't thriving and passed a week later. Now we have four little boys (we are pretty sure they are boys). All black medium hairs like mama cat (Miss Kitty). But amazingly we can tell them all apart by certain markings, so they all have names. Their names are Chomper, Rascal, Steven, and Scout.

I'm going to miss them, but it will give us a chance to foster more animals. What started this whole fostering thing was when I went to adopt a female guinea pig that turned out to be pregnant.

Here are some past pictures to share.
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They are all adorable. I hope they find forever homes soon.!
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They are super cute!! I'm sending furever home vibes
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I really want to give you a LOUD shout out! Thank you so much for fostering kittens! You are so appreciated! I work at the Humane Society, and our foster parents are like Gods to me.

Just a BIG THANK YOU for helping out!
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You are certaintly welcome. I am hoping they get homes too. They are all little stinkers, running around and causing havoc.
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Aww, I do hope htey find new homes soon, and the good part of fostering is knowing that they have got a good new home, and that you can help the next needy cat then. Good luck in what you get next.
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