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rrrggg!! spraying!

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My crazy alien cat Pwne has been the one spraying because I caught her in the act just a minute ago. For the past few months there has been cat pee on the floor and I wondered who it was. I suspected two of my cats because they have had UTIs before and I have caught them in the past so naturally I was beginning to worry. Should I take them to the vet, what is going on, etc?

Well just now I am sitting here at my computer and I notice Pwne on the floor next to me and I see her tail do that twitch thing like they do when they spray. I turned the light on and looked at the carpet and sure enough, a little puddle of pee. She definately sprayed but stands far enough and the right direction from the wall that it goes onto the carpet.

Well this totally makes sense. She is completely no question about it the alpha cat of the house. She is the only one really who has major issues with new cats coming into the home. And I constantly have cats coming and going. Right now I am 2 over my personal limit with my foster cats. It totally makes sense that she would be marking her territory. She is all about her space.

Unfortunately, I really don't think there is anything I can do. These extra foster cats should be gone soon and it wil be a little calmer around here. I have used Feliway before and I would if it wasn't so darn expensive. I am usually giving the advice on these things and I really just don't think I can do anything. I could put a doggy diaper for dogs in heat on her but something tells me should wouldn't like that too much, I think it would humiliate her and her toughness.

rrgg! how annoying. I am going to have to do some major carpet cleaning when I move out of here. Like, fill a carpet cleaner with Natures Miracle, that might work. Clean it twice that way. Darn cats and their spraying.
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You are not alone! My Joji does it too. What triggers is the scent of another cat especially if it's the one she does not like (Skinny or QT) in her territory. Once she even sprayed on me because I think we were sitting on a chair just emptied by QT and Joji was on my lap. She seems to have accepted the kittens though, they do not upset her at all.
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Well you know just how I feel! Man it is so annoying. Especially since I know exactly why she is doing it, but you just can't explain to a cat that they are not being replaced, the other cats are just here temporarily.
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