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Sick Kitty?

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I think my cat may have eaten something she shouldn't have. I came in from mowing the yard today and she was hacking up a hairball...so I thought. Usually a hairball comes right up, but instead it was her lunch, and now she's wheezy and raspy. She's also still having dry heaves once in a while (like every couple of hours). I couldn't get her to drink any water, so I gave her some milk (I don't like her to have milk) but I thought she needed something. She's not acting sick otherwise...she's been playing. This doesn't seem to be an emergency yet, I'm just worried about her wheezing. I checked around for anything she could have gotten into and nothing is disturbed, altho I did find a piece of fiberglass insulation on the basement floor...God knows where she drug that out of. I'm wondering if she ingested some of that or if she aspirated some of her vomit. Anyone have a problem like this before?
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Welcome to TCS!!!
Sorry I can't be very helpful, but I think the best thing to do is to have the kitty checked out by a vet just to be safe. There are others here who are very knowledgeable, and hopefully, you will get other responses soon.
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The two things that come to mind are that she got into something and it's stuck in her throat or it's possible she has asthma and something triggered an attack. I would think about taking her to the vet in either situation soon.
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I plan on taking her to the vet, I was just waiting a little to see how she's doing. My sister said the same thing about a allergic reaction to something. She had been in the basement for a few minutes, and I rarely let her down there. She has had reactions to her veaccinations before. Now all she can have is a 1yr. rabies...she can't even tolerate the 3yr. rabies vac. Maybe she found something musty or moldy??? Thanks for replying ladies.
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You can take a small piece of white bread, very small, just pinch a little off with your fingers and take what amount lies between your fingers. Take the morsel and soak it in milk for a few minutes and let it just soak, then nuke it just a few secs to get it up to room temperature and call her over to see if she will eat it. This will sometimes allow an obstruction to slide down the throat if the obstruction is small. But a vet visit is in order. Good luck!
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I'm hoping your kitty is ok. Good luck, and please let us know what you find out after the kitty has been examined.
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Well, it's been about 24 hours and Lexy seems to be okay, but still going to have the vet check her out. As I was reading the last post last night, she ate some of her cat food and didn't try to vomit or cough. This morning she had stopped wheezing. Thanks for the suggestions and concern!
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