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I was just wondering out of curiosity what color/pattern is Pharah??

Here are some pictures of her. The best way to discribe her is a gray/white with a racoon tail, dark ears, and faded stripes on some places that are either a gray color or cream color.


Any guesses are appreciated.
-Shea and the Gang
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Well, her pattern is Lynx point, probably chocolate.
Pointed cats darken as they mature, so no certainty on color.
One of the Siamese or other pointed cat breeders should be able to tell you color with more certainty.
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Not positive, but I'd say possible lilac or lilac/cream? The color is too lite for blue/cream and the chocolate shade is not really right either.

Maybe some of the ragdoll people might have a better idea.
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I can't tell if chocolate or lilac I'm curious to see what others will say.
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I'm curious too.
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lilac is what I see
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It is so hard to tell by pics, she/he looks kind of chocolate, but I would guess lilac probley, but the tail looks dark like it is blue.
I would say lilac linx point I would love to see how she/he looks when older!
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I would say a nice blue lynx. The coloring on pointed cats can vary coming in. Pointeds are born all white, and take time to mature their coloring. If she darkens more with age, she may be a washed out Seal.
I didn't feel she is light enough to be lilac, and her tones didn't have enough pink for her to be chocolate, but pictures can certainly be deceiving.
She is a beautiful girl, enjoy her!!
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Don't know what color she is, but is hanging out in your Guinea Pigs' cage and pigloo? how cute!

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don't know myself but it's very cute ! also the light colour is nice
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