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Must Resist The Fluffballs!!!

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Just got back from my first day in the cattery at the Multnomah County Shelter here in Oregon... five hours of irresistable fluffiness!!! There's this GORGEOUS boy there, Capone, absolutely THE most gorgeous eyes on this cat. He's white with some cream and tan patches... medium fur, VERY soft, and those eyes... light blue around the outside fading to a dark blue closer to the pupils... he's an absolute lovebug... if I weren't at my limit in this apartment...

if anyone near Portland wants him... I'd love to see him go to a TCS home...

Same for all of them... even Turnip, who's one of our senior girls at 6. She's a bit on the grumpy side, but she's been declawed, so I understand her grumpiness.

Many, many kittens... and all SOOOOO friendly...

All rescues... many adults, a few seniors... We had one adoption, Timmy, an all black 5 month old... this guy WANTED a black cat... we were so happy because it seems there are lots of people who are too superstitious about them... and then we also had a 'finder'... a lady came in and found her lost cat... only 3% of cats get found by their owners at shelters... dogs arehigher... people seem to think cats are more disposable... feh!

Anyway... lots of gorgeous, friendly kitties there... all waiting for good homes... but at least I got lots of petting accomplished... washed my hands a million times... after contact with one, you wash... and whenever we open cages, like to fix a blanket or water or litter, we give pettin's.

Well, I should go check dinner.
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Sending find home soon vibes their way.
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Don't you just wish you could bring them all home!?? I hope they all find their furever homes soon!
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I can't go to the shelters or anywhere there are furry animals waiting for adoption because I end up so sad knowing that they all look at you with their "please pick me!" look and that so many of those beautiful babies will be killed because no one wants them

Instead I donate money to the Humane Society in the hopes of saving some lives and making the lives that are there comfortable.
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At our shelter, they don't get euthanized if they've been there too long... like in some places... (a few shelters in Georgia that i know of) ... if a cat or dog has been there a long time, they get a rescue to help out... or send it out with a foster home to get it out of the cages for a while... the ladies at our orientation weren't entirely sure of the euthanization rules for cats, but for dogs it's based on an adoptability scale... from a 1, which is a happy-go-lucky typical family dog, no issues, to a 5 (or was it 4) which is a dog that 's been trained to fight and has severe issues ands is not adoptable. I would assume the scale for cats is similar... there are some cats that were captured feral and are too wild... I don't know what happens to them... if, after a period, they settle down and show signs of improvement, they are given a chance...

I don't like the shelters that euthanize after XXX days JUST because of time... but again, that's a discussion for the IMO forum...

I wnat to see these fuzzles get homes... and whatever I can do (use some of my sales training... heh heh heh) to get them good homes, I'll do it. They're all sweet cats (even Turnip has the potential of being a real lovey girl) and my reason for volunteering is to help them get homes... even if I can't give thm that home right now. It is heartbreaking... but I know that they're safe for now and not out on the streets in danger.

There's one guy... Tiny... ahem... who isn't really that tiny.... he's gotta be at least 15 to 16 pounds... hefty boy... a senior at 6... and such a lover... one BIG lapcat. He's halfprice to adopt... all seniors are...

Okay, I'll stop trying to 'sell' my buddies at the shelter... well, I'll try.
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Good on you for volunteering and caring so much. I hope your sales training is put to good use there! I agree that all kitties deserve a good home. It's always so hard to see how many homeless animals there are.
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