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? about ear mites

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So, my 2 little adorable foster kittens went to the shelter this week to get adopted. They had ear mites, one had them pretty bad. Now my own little cat Princess Gina had a scab on her nose and now where the scab was is a little bald spot. She has also been scratching her ears a bit. Does this sound like the babies left us a good-bye present? I am going to treat Gina anyways, I was just curious about that little spot on her nose. This is Gina keeping me company.
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Do you see any "black stuff" in her ears??? A vet can determine if its mites or a bacterial ear infection as they are treated differently. The scab on he nose could be from a bit of rough housing that cats esp kittens can do to each other.
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What kind of "black stuff" would ear mites cause? When Midget went for her check-up, the vet told me her ears looked clean but "a little itchy" and that I should be watchful for signs of ear mites. What exactly would I see if there were ear mites present? (I realize I should've asked the vet these specific questions, but my son was being particularly obnoxious at that point and I got distracted.) She doesn't seem to be scratching at them at all, but how do you distinguish between ear mites and plain old dirty ears?
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With ear mites they have stuff that vets say looks like coffee grounds, but is really dried up blood. I treated my fosters with olive oil and garlic in conjunction with the drops the vet put in, because the eggs keep hatching. The oil also helps the discomfort from itching. And they smelled like little salads.
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It is possible that the kittens did leave some friends behind. I am almost an expert on ear mites, seeing as EVERY one of the kitties I have ever brought home have had BAD cases of ear mites. An easy way to tell if it is ear mites or just wax is that ear mites leave a coffee ground looking substance that is very dry behind, it is dried blood and it is gross! Kitties will usually end up shaking big chunks of the stuff out! Ear wax is just that waxy and brown. As far as the spot on her nose ear mites should not have anything to do with that. Ear mites if treated early can clear up pretty easily, but are just as easily transmitted to other animals in the house so if you have more that just your sweet kitty, get them all checked and treated or this will go on for a long time! Good luck!
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Thats right. The kittens could have very well left you a good bye present. But thats okay. Get your kitty treated. the weird thing bout ear mites is that they may be a zoological orgnism, but eve placed by a human ear, they may almot every time just ignore that. They have to be placed in the ear. enough of that lol. yes get kitty checked. Ear mites are very common with strays, as they are a welcome present from mom cat to your babies...
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I do alot of cat rescue and a great type of treatment for ear mites etc.. is a product called Revolution. In fact, at the present time I have just treated all of mine. It's a product put right above the shoulder blades of the kitties and does it ever work! You might as your vet. Very easy and NOT messy! Good luck!

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thanks, no coffee grounds in her ears yet, and the spot on her nose is filling in, She wasn't very nice to the kittens, so I think one of them may have swatted her. Im not going to get any fosters for the rest of the year, she needs some normal time with mom.
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Isn't revolution a flea/tick/lice preventitive??? any way, if it works on mites... think of how much money you would save from vet perscribed pills and ointments and lotions for the ears!!!
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