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Hi. Does anyone know about L-lysine? It was recommended from a few people on a different site to give to my cats when they have flare ups with cold like symptoms. I did a search on it and read some info. Do you need to buy the actual cat form of it or can you buy it from a health store(one website said this)? Thank you!!!!

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Yes, it's great for helping control cold symptoms (usually flare ups of herpes virus) in many cats. You don't need to buy any special kind, although some people buy it compounded into a gel from their vet. The cats just lick the gel off your finger.

You can buy it at most grocery stores or Walgreen/CVS type stores. I buy the tablets and use a pill crusher to powderize it... then mix it into my cats' wet food. It also comes in pill form, which people break open and mix into wet food. Some people buy it already in powder form (I think this is easier to buy online).

For most adult cats, they need 500 mg a day, and sometimes 1000 mg during a flare-up; definitely check with your vet first.

Another thing, you might try using the "search" feature on this site. There's a lot of great info about lysine in old threads.
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I use Twinlabs brand of l-lysine capsules..just open the capsule up and mix in with some wet food...my guys have *no* idea their beloved wet food has something extra added!
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I just purchased the Lysine from here


its already a powdered form no crushing
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I get the l-lysine in a tube from the vet. Frankie used to not mind it at all. But he has become a very spoiled little guy lately and he is starting to push my hand away with his paw. I know that it really helps him alot.
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I get my L Lysine from the vet. It's a gel and I mix it with Gizmo's Factor CQ10. She takes it almost willingly and it does her a lot of good.
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I get a paste form from my vet called Enisyl-F. It's the most pricey way to buy it but Muddy won't take it in pill form and it's difficult to isolate him when he eats his wet (so I can't mix it in his food). He loves the paste and begs me for it twice a day.

He has a herpes virus in his right eye. Before we started him on the lysine his eye was slowly closing up and was about half the size as a normal eye. Cats with chronic herpes can go blind from it. Once we started him on, his eye has opened up and is now almost normal size It's still weepy, but much better than it had been. When he does get a cold, it flares up really bad and starts to close. When that happens, we double the dose for about a week and it gets back to its "normal" size.

Lysine doesn't make a cold or herpes go away, but it seems to balance their systems so they can help keep the virus controlled.
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