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About yesterdays thread, my last word.

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I appreciate everyone's ideas and that you've tried to help, but I just cant do this. I thought it over last night like you guys said, and came up with these conclusions. Read what I have to say please.

1. The cats visit the vet, if something was wrong with them, what's stopping the vet from reporting them, absolutely nothing. Mabye he has already given them a warning, I surely wouldnt know about that since I dont live with them.

2. I thought about, well if I report them how would I tell the ASPCA I got this information, without having them know im related to them, I figured call up saying im a neighbor, but then that brings me to this point which makes a big difference.

To the left of them, their neighbor is also my cousins, yes, the family lives next door to eachother. They are animal lovers, and know the rules of the ASPCA. They have 2 dogs, and spoil them and treat them like kings and queens, my cousin is only allowed to be with them supervised, and he has never hurt them once, or even tried to. Now if they know the laws, and they knew about my aunt and uncles dog from the past, why didnt they report them? Obviously, nobody will report them, doesnt that make you wonder why? Mabye my other cousins (well extended family I'll call them) Mabye they told my aunt and uncle to keep any eye on my cousin, like I said he has inproved in his behavior from the past, so something must have gotten through to him. The neighbor to the right, is a good friend of the family, also an animal lover. She has never reported them either, and she knows what happened in the past. My cousin has been over my house, and i've had cats and other animals, he has NEVER tried to hurt my pets, nor has he ever got mad at them, infact, if you didnt know any better when he was at my house, he acted normal,calm, and nice.

I know for a fact (heard it from from my aunt who heard it from his doctor) his severe anger/fits is due to his medical condition, combined with him forgetting to take his meds, or when they start to wear off, which my aunt then tells him to take his meds, and he does. If it wasnt for his medical condition, I know he wouldnt act like he does. If you see him on meds, and off, he is like 2 different people, on his meds he acts like a regular person, and is nice to the animals, and im not lying for him, he can be really nice, and i've seen it. He is not angry 24 hours a day, mabye only 1 hour of the day he will act up, and mostly at that time he will go outside and play basketball to take his frustration out, and take his next pill. He works everyday now except sunday, so that also keeps him busy and out of the house for about 8 hours, and he is calm in work, no anger or anything.

Im one of the only family members allowed in my cousins room, and from all the times i've seen him do bad things (in the past), if they were reported, he would know it was me. My mom used to work in an animal shelter, she even told my aunt and uncle the laws, so again, if they got reported, the first person they would think did it was my family, its that simple, so I cant report the situation.

He acts this way because of his medical condition, and as long as he is on his medication he is under control. When it wears off he knows to take his next pill, like i said he was in an instituion, and during that time period he did feel like he was being punished, and he said he never wants to go back, so as long as he listens to my aunt and takes his meds, he knows he wont be punished because he listened to her.

What I can do is mabye buy him a bag of cat food,toys, and a food dish for each of the cats, and tell him to let that one cat walk around the house.

He even built the 2 cats a cat house for inside to play in, so deep down he does care for animals, it's just unfortunate for the rest of his life he has to depend on meds to live a semi-normal and calm life. I think my aunt and uncle have learned from what went on in the past, because they do check his room once in a while to make sure the cat has a place to sleep and such. If he moved the darn litterbox out from under the bed I would say the cat has all it needs, but then again i'll just tell my aunt and uncle about it, and they'll make him move it out from under the bed.

Anyway tell me some facts about HIV cats, so next time I see my aunt and uncle I can tell them the facts, they know I like animals. Mainly what im looking to hear is the cat is allowed to go outside. They said it got infected when a feral cat fought with their cat, and it got a scratch, and contracted the aids virus, and their vet told them to keep it inside because it can spread the virus to the neigborhood cats. This is the only reason my cousin keeps the cat in his room, the other cat if free to go outside except at night.
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In cats it's FIV not HIV
This may help you out in that area at least.
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Thanks for the link. im going to print it out and give it my aunt and uncle next time i see them.

Also while were on the subject of neglect, tell me by reading this if this cat is neglected/abused. I know someone else who i've been wary of, and if the situation seems bad to you, most likely this I/ or you CAN report.

1.cat is only fed dry food (it's overweight)
2.never see's a vet
3.cat has acess to a litterbox, it's cleaned out at least once week, but poo and pee is not removed each day.
4.cat has a small mat on it back (about the size of a small potato chip) (or mabye it's gone by now havent seen the cat for a few months), doesnt get brushed, but the rest of the fur is ok and not matted.
5.family member yells at cat when he is annoyed, but never hurts the cat in any way, just picks it up and moves it to another room.
6.cat vomited up (brownish stuff/with fur also), could be because he chews on string, mabye hairballs too, cat is black haired.
7.cat goes outside occasionally, they watch him constantly when he is out, not allowed to leave their site.
8.they used to have to have a kitten with fleas (they got from a yard littered with dead mice), that never saw a vet, and it played with their cat they have now, they gave the kitten to a new home (with my help), but since then their cat never saw a vet, so could it have contracted something?
9.cat gets upper respitory infections once in a while, never sees a vet, it eventually goes away.
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I see why you don't wish to report your family. I just hope these poor kitties don't wind up hurt as a result of not reporting it.
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Keith-My last word about 'yesterdays thread'

You are obviously not going to report your cousin for the abuse wether it is in the past or not,the past is yesterday....and tommorrow???? today it will be yesterday.....

You said you are the only one who is allowed in his room...so obviously his parents(your aunt and uncle ) will NOT be aware this is still going on.

You HAVE to make them aware of the situation NOW and then if THEY don't do anything about the abuse,then You should give them an ultimatum....

Either they do something about it or you will report them to the authorities.

You have to stand up and make your mark on this situation and stand your ground with them.

Like I said before your a man now....Stand up and be heard!!
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