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Oh goody

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Think of me I am off shortly to the Gastro Dr Hope they don't find anything, although I know there's something not right. Won't be getting any tests today just to find out what they want to ck for A few vibes for a instant solution, I have had problems with my poor stomach for 30 yrs have had all of the lovely tests 3 years ago and am still having problems...I'll be back, as soon as I get there and get done
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Good luck and tell us what happens!!!! :fingers crossed:
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I have lots of problems inside too Lois...............LOTS of good vibes headed your way! Let us know!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
I have lots of problems inside too Lois...............LOTS of good vibes headed your way! Let us know!
Well I am having the same problem Jerry had but I've had it for 30 years but I am to the point now where nothing is working very good at all, I am tired of not feeling good because of it, I understand they can remove part of the colon But personally I don't think I want that option, I am not a good hospital patient, I have a redundant colon witch doesn't really cause many problems just that it's much longer and loops more then normal.. I don't really think that has anything with not being able to GO So I hope there's a solution that is simple, they won't do the colonoscopy again because it won't go through the redundant part ( THANK GOD) I don't want that felxi-sig either Oh poor me, No I am not a big baby and will get done what I have to...I just hate the prep But I have to do someting I am down to 102 lbs I have alway's been small but not like this Just hope it's nothing bad. My Dad died from Colon Cancer...Thanks for thinking of me
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You bet I'm thinking of you and I can relate.........I AM a big baby though.......I have a doc appt in November, and I have a list that I'm going oevr with her. I hurt here, here, here, here, here...........Good Lord help me with all the tests she's gonna send me for!

They'll fix you up Lois................you watch!
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Lots of vibes comming your way! You have company too! My best friend (she's 20) is having a colonoscopy tomorrow. I had one as well as numerous other procedures recently (colonosopy, upper GI scope, biopsey, Bravo PH monitor, CT scan, ultrasounds, celiac test, diabetes tests, Gastric Emptying Study....you name it!!! I've had it all recently!) I have to have another upper scope in November with another biopsey. I definitely understand how frightening it can be when you're not sure what's wrong! Hang in there though sweetie! And if you want someone to talk to about your stomach issues, drop me a pm...i'd be happy to listen Good luck- and remember, you have company
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Well I am so lucky I get to try the newest medication, I know that's a waste of time but I will try, It's kinda like Zelnorm ( didn't work) This is Amatiza, haven't looked it up yet, she ask me have you tried Milk of Magnesia, yep, have you tried stool softners, yep bottle of 100, what kind of laxitives, all I have tried all, they kill me Metamucil Barely, she said get the pills I did till I read they can swell up in your throat and all That's why we tell people to get the kind you mix ,,,Ok
She said that the redundant part of the colon is pretty much in the begging when they do the colonscopy so we can't do that can't get through it, so will do a Barium I can't wait for that prep So when I went to get the appoinment for that the gal said when did you want it I said I don't but I need it ok so make it what after the holidays Yeppers thats good, she handed me the paper the prep kit and I was thrilled, Jello and broth and liquid for 2 days before, I weighed 103 after that I'll we 90 she said if nothing works your stuck doing whatever you have been or they can remove your whole colon There is no way, I'll die being full of you know what, I have been dealing with it for 30 years so that's what I pick,,, Its not fun but we'll try whatever, the barium is nothing anyway..Ok sorry I wrote a book here
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That definitely sucks!
Hope the barium thingie goes well. You just know it's going to be fun fromt he sound of it.
Lots of us here on TCS seem to have tummy troubles, so you're in good company anyway.
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Barium - as in barium enema? Yuck! Been there, done that, don't care to repeat it! Hope everything goes well for you. Lots of healing vibes coming your way!
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Oh I've had it all done before not to bad to me, I didn't care for the flexi-sig that was the worst for me, Thanks everyone
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Lois, whatever comes up, we're with ya!
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