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Gift Ideas???

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My sister's birthday is coming up and I have no idea what to get her. We always get each other sentimental things. I have been searching the web and I can't find anything. Any ideas???
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I guess it would depend on what she likes and how old she is......
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How about a portrait of the two of you? You can find great deals at Sears, KMart and WalMart. Also, a lot of malls have photography studios nowadays.
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If you and your sister get along well and are good friends, I would suggest getting her something along the lines of a Sister poem or one of those sayings about what your sister means to you, etc. Good luck finding something!
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Hmmmm...if it didn't have to be sentimental, I would have several ideas, cologne, books, etc....but sentimental...let's see...I think the photo idea is a good one and so is the sister poem. Maybe you could get ahold of her baby shoes and have them bronzed (I always wanted that done) or go to one of those shops where they personalize things with engraving, and have a necklace or watch or something engraved with "to my loving sister" and her name and date of birth...something along those lines. That's all I can think of right now. Let us know what you decide on!
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I bought my best friend a really nice journal once.

On the first page, I began for her what I told her was her "happy thoughts only" journal.

I wrote things about her that I liked and I also wrote things that I remembered about our friendship.

Then...when I gave it to her, I told her that each night before going to sleep, she had to write things that had made her smile throughout her day.

I am sure this can be a very nice sentimental gift for a sister if you have not done this already.

I told my friend that she was to read through her book when she was having a rough day (she is going through divorce) I think, from the look on her face, that this gift was very sentimental indeed.

All these other ideas are great too.....Good Luck!
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WOW!! That is a great idea!! I will have to remember that!!
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Well I searched the web and I found a really nice blanket for her. It is a throw that says "A Sisters Love is Shared from the Heart". I hope she likes it. I am going to give it to her this weekend. Thanks for the ideas. I really love the journal idea.
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Nicki - the throw sounds lovely.

I was about to suggest a newspaper published on the date of her birth. The do that in the UK with The Times - I'm sure they must do it in the States too.

They list all that was important on the day of her birth, and they usually come with certificates and ribbons etc.

Maybe for next year?
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