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Pictures of my babies

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I've been posting about the two ferals that I was trying to trap (and finally did) and then I thought I should post about my other kitties too.

Here is Lily, she is the 10 year old Siamese that someone dropped off.

This is Daisy Duke. Her mother was feral, and the mother showed up at my b/f's uncle's house the day before she delivered 5 kittens. He called me when the kittens were old enough to leave so that I could find homes for them... but of course I kept them (but we lost three). Daisy was born somewhere around mid-July and is very small for her age.

This is Leo, Daisy's brother. He is still sooo tiny. No idea why the kittens were so small. We suspect it had to do with the fact that mom was only about 6 months old.

Here is Olive. My mom found Olive and her siblings by the side of the road. One didn't make it and she kept the other one and gave Olive to us. According to the vet, they were 5 weeks old when they were found, which would make Olive around 10 weeks old or so now.

And here is Tabitha. Someone had a flyer up for free kittens and I called and there was one left. The woman said that she found three of them in a parking lot or something like that when they were supposedly 6 weeks old. She says Tabitha is now 10 weeks old but she is awfully big for only 10 weeks.

I also have Waffle Cat who is 2 years old but don't have any pictures of him on the computer right now. And then of course the two ferals that we haven't named yet whose pics are in my thread "need suggestions on trapping" in the ferals forum.
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Awww, everybody's so cute! I especially like Tabitha's facial markings I have a tiny girl too, she looks a lot like Daisy, but my Ismene is 7 months old and only weighs 3.5 lbs, Izzy's brother Zeus is kind of a smaller cat too, but her sister Demeter is a cow Don't know how it all works
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your kitties are soo cute!
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They're all so cute!!!!
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Awwww what beautiful kitties you have. I love the stories of how they all found you, too
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I love the pics!!! I have a tiny one too,it's Mia.I've had her for about 2 weeks now..........and I don't think she's going to be big at all.
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