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HELP! Clover stopped using his litterbox for #2

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Clover is 10 months old and has never had problems with his litterbox until now BUT I fell I need to tell you what changes have taken place. Clover was diagnosed as having asthma about 2-3 months ago. In an attempt to relieve his symptoms, I changed his litter to World's Best Cat Litter that I've read is good for cats with asthma. He will pee in the box using this litter but poops right outside the box (like he knows where he's supposed to go and gets as close as he can get to the box). He has two boxes one upstairs and one downstairs and does the same in both. I scoop everyday so I also don't think that is the problem. He has been doing this for about a week and I changed to this litter probably 2-3 weeks ago. I used Tidy Cats & Arm & Hammer litter before that and he seemed just fine. However, I read that it may be the perfume smell to the litter that aggravates the symptoms of cats with asthma. Has anyone ever had any experience with this or does anyone have any suggestions I could try? Thanks.
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Well the only advice I can give is that Arm & Hammer does make an unscented variety and since he had no problems with that litter, maybe try it and see if it aggravates his asthma? Some kitties can just be very picky about their litter
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Hi, I have the same problem with one of my cats, only he just does it occasionally. If this is a problem that has just recenty started, my suggestion would be to take your kitty to vet to rule out any sort of medical issue. He could have some sort of infection or worms or something. Since he uses it for #1, I wouldn't think that the litter has anything to do with it. I'd definitely start by having him checked by the vet. After that, I'm just not sure. Keep us posted.
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I was going to say how about putting another litterbox right near the current litter boxes. A lot of cats don't like to pee and poo in the same box and I don't know about you but I think it would be so annoying to have to pee in one bathroom downstairs and go all the way upstairs just to poo
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I don't think it is anything medical. I had him to the vet approx. 4 weeks ago for a recheck for his asthma since we are trying to get him on the least amount of medication we can. I really think it has something to do with the litter. It's not like he never goes in the litterbox. He does sometimes. He never learned to cover his business though. We rescued him from the shelter when he was 6 weeks old so I don't think he spent enough time with his mother to learn such things so when he goes he just jumps out and that's it. He sometimes scratches on the carpet outside the box (like that is working???). I was going to try buying one of those large Rubbermaid totes to see if he might like that better. Our house is 2 stories that's why I put one on each level but he does the same to both boxes. I can't imagine having 4 boxes for him. I'm not sure what to do, but when I used the other litter he seemed to like to scratch around in it better. He will have nothing to do with scratching in the World's Best Cat Litter - just in and out.
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Have you seen him do it? I'm just wondering if he might be thinking he's going in the box but has his bum hanging over the side? If all four paws are touching litter he might not realise? But if he's out of the box at the time, that's more a conscious decision not to go in...

My cat goes so close to the edge of her box, a couple of times, she's spilled over without realising it - and I've found most in the box but a little out.

Maybe a bigger box would work? Or one with higher sides?
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Thanks for the opinions/suggestions. Good news. Over the weekend I went out and bought Tidy Cat scoopable litter and he has gone in the box 3 times. Also, it doesn't seem to be aggravating his asthma. I do think he may be getting too close to the edge but he has been flinging litter everywhere (a sign of a happy kitty - I guess). My next trip will be to get a bigger box. Thanks everyone!
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My Vinny was pooping just outside of the litter boxes for months -- we did the vet check, bigger box, uncovered box, retraining, etc -- before we finally did something that got him going in the boxes again. We purchased a litter called Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract, and he's been great ever since. It is specifically formulated for kittens learning to use the box, and "problem cats" who need to relearn to use the box. I highly recommend it!
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