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My old cat doesn't like my kitten!

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My family took in a 6 year old neutered male cat named Chips 6 months ago. He isn't a very sweet cat, rather selfish, and he is pretty aggressive if you cross him the wrong way. I recently took in a second cat, a kitten named Goofy who is 8 months old and not spayed yet. When they first met, and Chips saw me bringing her in the carrier, he began hissing and spitting and puffing up at her. She is small, and I am afraid if he gets at her he might seriously hurt her. Would there be a big fight if he was able to get at her, he has shown aggressive behavior before, as we suspect he used to be a mouser at his old house. I feel bad keeping Goofy locked up in my small bedroom all the time, but I dont know if it is safe to let the two mix... please help!
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this is a good thread to start with. This is a pretty big issue with introducing cats. If this does not answer your questions, you can search through all the posts, there are tons on just this issue.
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I have read some of the other posts, and im letting the cats get used to eachothers scent through the door, but im not sure what to do once Chips, the older cat, stops stalking my door. Also, he seems to be attached to the door, i can only get him away to get in if i shake the food box and run quick.. is that normal?
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That sounds pretty normal to me. When I first brought Joey into the house, I put him in the bathroom at night, because I was afraid the 2 might go at it if left unsupervised. Squirt took up residence outside the door, and Joey kept sticking his little paw underneath. Whether he likes the new arrival or not, it is still a source of fascination to him.

If it's any help, my older cat took to the new arrival long before he actually forgave me for bringing him in the first place.
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I think the older cat seems to be getting used to the idea of a new kitty. I had to take the kitten to the vet this morning, and I left my door open so it could get aired out, as it had been locked up for a day, and he went in, sniffing around, and when I came home he was sleeping on the bed in the same spot the kitten had been sleeping in. I am just afraid to introduce them again because of the size factor, hes big and shes tiny. Also, could him being neutered and her being in heat (she went to get spayed this morning) have anything to do with their not getting along?
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Well, its possible he sensed something with her being in heat. I have a neutered boy who thinks it still works. Once she is all healed and feeling up to it, you might try a supervised visit. Let them in the same room with you and you can play mediator. It seems as though he is getting used to her smell though. Keep letting him in her room when she is not there.
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Sure enough, his attention to the door had something to do with her being in silent heat. I took her to the vet on Wednesday to get her spayed and some of her double claws removed (she is double pawed and there are two claws that won't retract.. my poor baby )When we got there, the vet looked her over, and told me she was in heat. I was like wow, thats news to me. So that might have had an effect on his strange behavior.

Also, he seems infatuated with her litter box, the place on my bed where she slept and her toys. Any reason for this?
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This is where most of her scent is. Especially if she was in heat. He is either trying to re mark her space or he is getting used to the idea of a new playmate.
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