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haha Can you believe this?

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I dont know weather to laugh or cry because this is just a messed up situation.
I mentioned that i broke up with my bf in one of Laurens threads, well I spoke to him last night because I wanted to get to the bottom of his behaviour towards me lately. (not wanting to see me that often anymore, not calling as often, not being lovey dovey, he just wants his peace and play computer games)

He accused me that i was pregnant already and that i was using him.
And i dont know why he thinks that??? I dont know weather i said something that made him think it and then he must have spoken to his friends and flipped over it.

Now dont get me wrong, i really do like him, and ever since my doctor put me on the pill its been a rollercoaster between us.
but how do i prove to him that i am not pregnant?
Apart from the fact that i have my ragz and that i would be more than willing to take a pregnancy test?

I dont even want a baby right now because of money reasons and because im not even in a secure relationship.

I just cant believe he accuses me something like this
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He's not being honest and is still using excuses to keep from having to be honest. If he cannot fess up that he just doesn't want to be with you, then you should just cut any ties with him and move on. Not only will that show up how dumb he's being, but it should also show him (in time) that you were never pregnant.

Btw, birth control is known to cause mood swings...have you talked to your doctor about this?
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Fran, sounds like he has a screw loose and is just making up excuses.........
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Not being pregnant is something pretty easy to prove - you have at least one chance a month, after all! It sounds to me as if there is something else going on and you maybe need to move on. I know that is difficult with everything else that has been happening in your life, but it is not surprising that you do not move smoothly from one long term relationship to another - there are almost always a few shorter ones in between. Whatever you decide to do, I am sure you will come out of it stronger, with another learning experience. Good luck
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That is crazy!! You are better off without that loser! I agree that he is using that as an excuse!! Does he know that you can't take BC if you are preggers?
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He's basically telling you that he's not into you. When I was 20, I had just finished junior college I was living at home waiting until I could go to a 4-year school to finish my bachelor's. My BF at the time broke up with me because he didn't want to get married. Where he got that idea, I will never know. I had no interest in getting married as I was going to move to a town an hour away in two months. But he decided to break-up with me anyway.

We all know that you are a beautiful, caring young woman. You can concentrate on getting your life working with the new job. The other things will fall into place and when you least expect it, someone will come into your life.
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I don't know where this guy got that idea from but I agree with the others that its sounds like he doens't want to be in a relationship. There are better ones out there for you!!
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Fran, that is just ridiculous!

You don't have to prove anything to him! As the others have said, I think it's time to move on. Don't waste anymore of your energy on him. I know it's upsetting right now, but your a strong girl. You will be just fine. You went through a lot in your previous relationship, and this is the LAST thing you need on your plate. Concentrate on a new job and getting your place all fixed up. The right guy will come along when the time is right. You probably won't even be looking
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Well i think i know where he got the idea from.
I was talking to his mother about my mother, because of the problems i had and i was telling her how my mum wanted to be a grandmother already.

Doesnt matter though, i went in for another job interview this morning so now i have 2 jobs! hopefully the teaching one will work out too so i can make good money!
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Men! worthless, the lot of them This is one thing I have never understood about guys, why can't they just be upfront and honest? I'd much rather hear the truth than some lame excuse but that's what they do, everytime I agree with the others Fran, focus on work and your apartment, who knows, you might meet a super cute post BOY
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