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Sick Kitten - HELP!!!

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Hello there, I'm *insert name here* and I (we, to include parently units) have nine cats, four of which are kittens.

You'll find out why I'm posting here in a moment, I promise.

During some point in septemper (Maybe the end of august.I don't remember.), a woman who works at the factory my parent's clean (she works on the second floor, in the offices.) tooks us to the parking lot to ehr boyfirends truck. In the back was a box of five young kittens (only a few weeks, I think.). he had been keeping an eye on them and noticed after several days that there mother had stopped comeing around. worried about them, he took them, hopeing to find someone to take care of them or something. now, around that time, a woman who take's care of homeless/injured/motherless animals had found our lost cat. We volenteered to take the to her and ask if she could take care of them. unfortudently, she couldn't, haveing one to many animals now (there had been recent flooding in our state/area, and she was swamped).

so, in the end, we ended up keeping them, and bottle feeding them and such. all five lived.

Now, as of recent, one of the kittens (Bella, second female of the litter, black/brown/gigner/slight gray.) has seemed to come down with something; which the other cats seem to be cetching, though none of them have it has bad.

She has runny-ish/red eye's, a slightly stuffy nose, and she's been sneezeing ALOT (the other cats are now sneezeing to, by the way.).

i only just noticed the eye thing a little bit ago.

I feeel very worried about her, and i don't know what to do.

I've cleaned her nose the best I could (The cat that we had lost had a rather bad runny nose, though the vet couldn't get rid of it, and figured he would be fine. He really was, in truth, and I had to clean his nose. a lot. and his snot that came out, come to think of it...) and wipped her eyes. I plan to ask my mom where the cat-eye drop thingy is once she's finished batheing (about three of the kittens, has eye infections when we got them; the run had it in both eyes.).

she's behind me right now in the chair, and she -seems- okay, but I can'thelp but worry about her.

Any suggestions on what should be done extra?

(and by the way, yes, I kow if it get's bad to take her to the vet. .___. i'd do it right now if I could, actually.)

I just really REALLY want to know if anyone know's whats wrong, and if she'll be okay and...you know!

I just wub that little black sheep....(I call ehr that because all ehr sibling are gigner...and...she's not. and her main color is black.)

I apologise for any misspelling or mistakes. I kinda typed this really fast....
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Sounds like Upper respiratory infections, pretty common in young kitties, but they do need a vet as antbiotics are needed.
In the mean time, keep them warm, hydrated and keep them eating.
If they stop eating it then becomes an emergency as cats can fade pretty quickly.
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By the sound of it, my mom is finished with ehr shower, so I'll tell ehr that.

and by the seem's of it, shes still eating...as she attacked her dinner like all of the other cats do.
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Kittens can go downhill very fast with respiratory infections and they are already in danger being away from their mother and all the immunity she can provide for htem (though I am sure you are doing your best with them). They really do need a vet quickly and some antibiotics. It is great that you took them in and good luck with them.
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Also depending on how heathy the mother cat was I would also have the check for herpes and worms. I remember I thought it was so cute that little kittens would have such round bellies until I found out that if the mother was an inside/outside cat that she could have passed worms on to her babies!!
You can get eye ointment for kittens and they respond rather quickly (2-3 days) to treatment.
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there's an apointment on monday for the antibiotics, thankfully.

We have eye ointment, I think, for the kittys, though I don't know where it is.

Hopefully when we get the antibiotics it'll clear up soon!

Thanks for the advice, everyone!
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