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My twins are counter crazy!

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I don't kno what to do anymore! My twins are about 6mons old and since they've been able to jump that high they've been obsessed with siting in the sink and chewing on dishes. After we do the dishes we set them out to dry in the dish drainer. well my twins like to get in the sink and chew on both dirty dishes sitting in the sink and clean dishes sitting in the drainer. I've tried spraying them with a squirt bottle. I've even dowsed them with the hosey thing by the sink! they just wait til we're busy doing something else and then get back up there. Theres no way we can keep them out of the kitchen. No door. My moms so angry she wants to get rid of them. (she's not a fan of cats in the first place) i can't lose my babies! please can anyone help me?
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Clover was a counter surfer and also liked to jump up on the kitchen table which my husband absolutely hates. We bought this product. It worked for us. He does need reminders now and then though but after a while all you need is the tone and not the spray. It has a motion detector so even when you are not home it works. Good luck!

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There is also a similar product called Scraminal that is a motion detector. After 2 days, no more kitties on the counter!!!! It doesn't have a spray like that other one. It emits a series of VERY LOUD beeps - I would forget that it was on and I surprised myself on more than one occasion and about gave myself a heart attack!! But it definitely works. I ave also heard of putting double sided tape on teh counter top, but that didnt work for my cats. they didnt' care if their paws stuck a little!!
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Have you ever watched a mother cat teach her children not to do something with a loud HISSSSSS? So, I practiced this technique of hissing at my cat whenever he was somewhere he was not supposed to be. The only problem is that when he is sitting on the kitchen counter and sees me coming, he quickly jumps off the counter before I can hiss at him!
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Thanks so much for your suggestions. I'll have to give them a try. My mom is so fed up with them. I'm scared if I dont find something that works I can't keep them. She didn't really want them to begin with.
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Is it possible to keep the dirty dishes under water til they're cleaned, and the clean ones dried right away with towels (short term til the cats are no longer interested) and put away?
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Pippy used to do that alot when he was younger and we just issued him a very stern NO and took him down! It took a long time for him to learn that NO meant get off the blinking counter scatty kitty but he now knows!

Ok, he still sits right next to the sink while I wash the dishes and every dish gets watched being picked up, put in the sink, washed, drained, dried and put away! I'm still being supervised by the cat who thought I'd missed spots and tried to lick them clean!!!!!!!
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you can also try tin foil. the feel,noise, and lastly the site of something shiny under a cat usually scares it enough to stay away after a few tries. Good Luck!
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