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What Breed am I?

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Some say I am a ragamuffin others a ragdoll. I guess I am just a mutt. What do you think?

Here are some pictures of Puffy (Male)



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He's/She's a......................BEAUTIFUL CAT!

(sorry don't know what breed )
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He's gorgeous!!!
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Handsome boy!
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Puffy is a very beautiful boy..... maybe someone will come along to help you with his breed. The consensus so far is "Beautiful"!
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Technically you'd call him a "domestic longhair", but I'm guessing you're wondering whether he's got any specific breed in his ancestry, right?

So, some longhaired breed... long fur is recessive, right? His nose is kinda short, too. Maybe, a few generations back, there was a Persian or some other cobby longhair... But it would have to be a ways down the family tree, because he doesn't look too Persian-ish. He's more of a big-boned cat than the sort of short-legged, round-bodied way a Persian is.
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I agree, Puffy is very beautiful!! Love the hair, just beautiful. Nikon D70 is also a very good camera and 50mm is also sweet.
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He's gorgeous.
He's got the right face shape for NFC, but the ears and eyes are wrong, I also see no toe hair or ear tufts.
He's certainly a handsome guy though.
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Wow, he is gorgeous!!! I just love those orange boy kitties.
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What a gorgeous boy!!
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Very Beautiful Boy he is no matter what breed or no breed
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I see no ragdoll at all to this lovely boy. Raggies are a pointed cat with blue eyes, neither he has. I have heard of "solid ragdolls" which are non-pointed non-blue eyed cats, but have the same shape and build of the pointed variety, and your boy doesn't have the ragdoll ear set chin or nose shape. The shape of his head and face isn't like rags either I can't see his body and tail either to tell but I am guesing it isn't like raggies either. I can't speak of raggamuffin breeders/owners, but I don't think they resemble your cat either, I think they also have blue eyes, but im not sure, they are ragdoll outcrosses of some sort, but as far as what they except for eye/body color I don't know, not my breed. As some one said he may look nfc, or mabey maine coon, I think, but they are not my breed either, so i don't know, but I can say he is beautiful! and probley a DLH a long haired moggie, nothing wrong with that though, if you stick around you will find out about 90% of the people owned by cats here are owned by a moggie and wouldn't have it any other way, and love them just as much as us owners/breeders of "purebred cats" The kitten in my signature is a 12-14 week seal mitted female ragdoll.
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I concur! He is beautiful!
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Thanks for all of your responses. Some of my pictures were removed due to size. Here are a few more!

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Wow he is really handsome. I can almost see how some one would say he could be ragdoll (non-pointed solid) The first pic reminds me a little of my female, but still I don't think there is any or much ragdoll there, if you look at the shape of the ears and where the are set, they arent quite right, And the eyes arent set quite right either and the muzzle is a little long and mabey a little narrow. If you like saying he is a rag mix, who cares it doesn't hurt any thing, people like knowing they have A certain breed or mix, every one I know with a black dog says it is a black lab mix, is it? who cares, they like thinking it is. no one ever knows what the real mixes are and never will.
How did you end up with him? Do you know his parents or any of that back ground on him, it is interesting how some one said ragdoll or raggamuffin, raggies are known for the points and deep blue eyes. In fact, I had to find a web site to show some one with the solid they had never heard of them and insisted that I had been talking about raggamuffins or some other breed. Well he is lovely no matter what breed he is (or isn't)
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