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Weaning Kittens

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Hi Everyone.

I've tried to use the search function but the ad banner is blocking it. LOL.

Our kittens are almost 5 weeks old now - and given the health problems Cha-Cha has been having - the Vet suggested we try to wean the kittens as soon as possible. Any tips on how to do this? We try to put them in front of the food when they look they are about to feed. Our one little kitten eats the food..and others sort of look and sniff....and drink water. LOL.

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what kind of food are you offering them? first off it should be a high quality kitten food. you could try wet food or add warm water to the dry making it mushy. warm up wet food. offer catmilk from a dish to get them used to the idea of eating from a dish.
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What always worked for my mom and I when we fostered kittens when I was younger, was weaning them with about a teaspoon full of soft kitten food (high quality) and a little less than their normal amount of formula.

Put the soft food and the milk in the bottle. Shake well.

Once you've started to add a little more than a teaspoon of soft food with the formula, try mushing the two together- but not completely. You want your cat to get the feel for soft food, not milky-mush
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