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Originally Posted by Lemur 6 View Post
I shoot pistol (SigPro 9mm and Desert Eagle .357 mag) and rifle (Remington 700 .308 win and AR-15 .223 rem). I don't like shotguns too much, but if you think about it, it's the perfect home defense tool. You don't have to worry about shooting through your walls and hitting someone in the next house, you don't have to worry about missing, and it's one of the most persuasive weapons short of a chaingun. Most of the time, you don't even have to fire, just its mere presence can make an intruder think twice. Also it especially helps to have some insane 200 lumen tactical flashlight strapped to the end of it to burn the guy's retinas out if he tries anything .

For me, I think my SigPro + tactical flashlight combo works just fine (most of the time just the flashlight is enough). I'm on the frail/weak side so an 8 lb shotgun would be too much for me. Usually whatever is the most comfortable for you is the best, especially in a high stress situation like an intrusion.

Sweet! Someone else uses the flashlight idea too! Colin tought me this the other night. He is a cop, so he has some of the brightest flashlights out there.....he recently tought me how to hold it out to the side in one hand while kneeling down (or away)...so that an intruders attention would be focused on the flashlight and away from my head or vital organs....that should give me enough time to shoot (it took a bit of practice to hold the gun and the flashlight....but I got the hang of it and could definitely do it well if ever needed.) I'm glad someone else thought of this too....also, do you have a picture of your gun you could pm me? I'm curious as to what it looks like.
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done typing now..
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Well, living in Canada, i have never even seen a gun
I guess you haven't spent much time in Toronto then? Walk down Yonge St. after hours and you will see a whole pile of things you wished you didn't see!

I grew up around shotguns since my father was a hunter & Rob's family also goes hunting. Actually, his father is hunting right now up in Northern Ontario. When I was young, other girls wanted dolls....I wanted a BB gun! I would love to take some lessons and get into competitive shooting - if time allowed me.
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Well, I grew up with guns, they're sort of like tools on a farm. Then there was the stint with the Marine Corps, where guns were the business. Then I spent about 10 years with the Sheriff's Dept. Now, I have the old revolver I carried as a Deputy, and my very first rifle from when I was a kid....but I haven't had any ammo for either one in years. I take the rifle off it's rack and dust it every....oh...couple of years or so, and the pistol is locked in a case, somewhere in my closet
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