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Keeping kitties out of baby crib!

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My husband and I recently found out that we are expecting, which I am soo thrilled I can hardly wait. The thing that I am most worried about is keeping our 6 kitties out of the baby's crib. I am asking now, even though we are not due for a while so that I may try and train them before the baby comes. I have heard tin foil the crib for a while so that when they land in it it is unpleasant but does anybody else have any ideas on what I can do to start training them now, so they realize that baby's crib is off limits to kitties? I am also afraid that Ginger, sweet as she is LOVES the smell of milk, formula and loves to lay on me all the time and she is just a very lovable, clingy girl. I worry that she may smother the baby and not mean to-she just loves lying with anything warm, any ideas! I also know from having our friends baby over she loves babies! I may just be being paranoid but I want to start training them early!
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I'm not sure there's a magic answer (outside of a closed door), and cats will be very curious, not to mention maybe a little jealous (big surprise) and even prone to peeing in similar situations on occasion (sorry, but I thought it might need a reminder.. not knowing your cats). I might suggest some really adversive flooring (like to spikey side of clear plastic carpet runners) but if a cat's determined to go somewhere you'd need a lot of it, not just long, but wide. Closing the door seems to be a foolproof way to deal with it until the baby's at least a few mos. old, though I hope someone else would have a good idea!
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My mother bought us a "crib tent' when our baby was born.


She was terrified the cats would jump into the baby's bed. We never used it because our cats gave the baby WIDE BERTH and wanted nothing to do with her or her things.

Congratulations and good luck!

Cheers, from
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I would keep the door closed,so the kitties can't get in there with your baby.I've heard that you can use oranges/lemons as a deterant........maybe that would help?Cut up some lemons/oranges and plaze them in a bowl in the crib.
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I too had a "velcro" kitty when I was pregnant with both my boys. I simply kept the door shut and used a monitor. When the door was open, she was so terrified of the "furless cat" that she kept her distance until they were about 4-5 months old. I vividly remember the night I brought home Justice from the hospital. I was laying in bed, Justice was in the bassinet next to the bed. I called for Oreo (RB) as I usually did. She came running into the bedroom and jumped on the bassinet, looked down, looked at me, and had this "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU BRING HOME" look on her face. She sniffed him, and jumped over to me... Once he was in the crib, she didn't even go in the nursery. Anytime she had gone in before I would take her out and tell her NO. She was pretty good about it
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My mother told me the kitty we had slept in my crib until I was born. Once I arrived the cat didn't get anywhere near it! I wouldn't worry too much about it -- I have two young kids and trust me, newborns cry so much and so loud no cat wants to be near them.
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Thanks to everyone for their advice and support, maybe I am just worrying too much, we still have a long way to go before baby gets here I just want to make sure that he/she does not get smothered at night by kitties. But you are all right, babies do scream and that should be enough to scare them.
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