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Found a cheap place for name tags

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I happened to glance at the top of my page here at TCS and saw an add for pet tags.They are cheap too!! $3.95 and they have different colors.Plus, you can have 4 lines done on the tag.............and NO shipping charges.
I ordered the small cat face ones for all 4 of the kits.(Blaze has one already.)
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Awesome! I'll have to check that out, cheaper the better when outfitting 13
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Man, I was just going to post something asking about a cheap place to order tags...Damita & Dorian need tags...for now they have rabies tags w/ ID #s on them, but I want name tags! Thanks!
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
Awesome! I'll have to check that out, cheaper the better when outfitting 13
that is a good price. i got mine at boomerang tags - he does offer a discount when you're buying multiples, but it's still higher than that. but their very hard-wearing, & i like them - i got the medium heart shape, & both sides are engraved with info.
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I can't wait to get mine in the mail!!! I was so happy to see that you can have 4 lines done and there is NO shipping fee!!
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As soon as I get them,I'll be sure to post pics of them.(Of course I'll block out the addy and phone # for security reasons)
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Hartz sells engraved tags for $2.99 (or $2.49. I forget what it is exactly) each with free shipping, but it's just name and phone number.

This sounds a bit cooler. Thanks.
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I buy mine at, they are 2.99 a tag and you can put info on both sides
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WOO HOO!!! I got mine today in the mail and I LOVE them !!! They are sooooooooooooooo cute .One side is a kitty's face and the other is the kits name,our addy and then our phone number.
I'll be ordering from this place from now on
I was going to show pics of them,but since I don't know how to blcok out our addy and phone #,I can't do that.
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Thats great that they have a no shipping fee. I just got mine at the pet store. They have a machine where you enter the information you want printed and it engraves it in the little machine. It takes about a minute and only costs around $1.
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I just ordered two tags for my two kitties from there. There is a cat that looks almost identical to Peanut Butter that hangs around our house-- The only way I can tell them apart is to pet them-- PBs fur is silky not rough like the other cat.
This will be a visible sign too. I cant tell you how many times I have panicked when i saw that cat outside and once in a fight with another cat! OMG.

What was the turnaround time for your tags? How long did it take for you to get them?

I do order my dogs tags from boomerang as i use the slide on tags. That way no jingling with their rabies tags and the big dogs cant pull them off.

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It was around a week for my tags to get to me.I am VERY happy with them too.I ordered the small purple cats face for the girls and the blue one for Corwin.I was able to put their names,our addy, and our phone # on it.I am recommending this company to everyone that I know.
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Im not real keen on putting my name or address or the kitties names on tags-
Too much information for someone who might want to do bad things--

I simply put:

If I'm Outside
I'm Lost
Please call
### ### ####

My dogs tags are like that too-- but they say

If I'm Alone
I'm Lost
### ### ####

IM really looking forward to getting these tags though. I have started making PB and Beavis wear their collars since seeing the cat outside that looks so much like my PB.

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Only Blaze goes outside during the day.The others are inside only,so I don't have to worry about anyone seeing their info.I just keep them on them for protection incase they do get out or for when we go to the Vets.
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