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Need some ideas

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So my two 5 month old kittens have to be put in the bathroom at night, otherwise they keep me up all night meowing by the door, and they never stop,just get louder.

I'd like to find an alternative solution, I dont like having to lock them up everynight. What do you guys think I could do? Before I started locking them in the bathroom, I would keep a spray bottle by my bed and if they meowed I would open the door a squirt them, I thought this would discourage them from meowing by the door, and it has worked some, but they still do it.

I need ideas please!Poor babies hate it in the bathroom.

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I've never tried this, but made a mental note when I heard it in case I have a kitten around again...

During the day, when you can, gently wake the kittens up now and then (like they do to you at night). Then, just before bedtime, play, play, play with them to tucker them out.

Sweet dreams!

Cheers, from
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^ I agree. Tire them out before bed.

They are kittens, they just want to be near you.. do you have to shut them out of your room? I bet they would calm down or even get bored if you let them in.
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I just leave my bedroom door open at night so gizmo can come and go as he pleases, otherwise he's be meowing at my door all night. I don't know what your situation is, but if it's at all possible to let them in the room, you should give it a try.
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another Gizmo!

My personal Gizmo goes 'waaaah' when I don't play with her for a while. I'd give the kitties a real long and active play session before bedtime! They will get tired and be that much more willing to sleep.

And are they big enough to be housetrained? They could sleep in the bed with you.
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