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The Pirate Queen

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So, my grandma called yesterday. She lives in the same town as me. She and my grandpa are retired, so they do lots of retired people things. One of the things they do are trips with their bank. You pay some money and you get a bus ride, and lunch, and you go to some event, like a musical or something. Anyway they have reservations for one of these bus trips to see The Pirate Queen in Chicago. It's the new musical by the writers of Les Mis and Miss Saigon. My grandpa doesn't want to go, so grandma asked me if I wanted to go with her. I think it'll be fun. I get a ride up there, lunch, and to see the show. Of course, I'll be with a bunch of retired people (I'm 25), but it seems like older folks are always real nice to me, so I think it'll be cool.

I haven't heard anything about the show, whether it's good or not. It only just opened, I think, Tuesday. But I am a huge Les Mis freak!

Anyone heard anything about it yet?
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Thats great. A day with you and your grandmother can't be beat!
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I think it will be fun. I just read that there aren't any critics being allowed to see it until October 29. So I'll have to wait awhile to see what the big shots think of it.
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Sounds like a fun day. Our daughter used to go out and about with my mom and they had a great time. Jennifer would take her to the mall shopping, to the senior's centre, etc. All the senior folks loved Jen and spoiled her rotten.

That sounds like a good play as well. I love live theatre - enjoy.
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