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Are you getting a flu shot?

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So, are you guys getting a flu shot this year? There's plenty of supply for everyone to get one. I'm debating it. I had the flu for the first time two years ago. I was pretty miserable; all I could do was sleep for three days. I hardly even ate. I just didnt' have the energy. I survived by drinking Sprite On the other hand, I was only sick for five or six days and only really sick for three days.
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I have gotten it before but it doesn't do anything for me, so I probably wont.
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No. I've never had one in my life, and to the best of my knowledge have never had the flu. Hopefully I stay the course this year too.
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I don't think I've ever gotten it... at least not that I can remember.

As sick as it may seem- if I get the flu I will at least enjoy being in bed all day and having Chad take care of me!
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I had the shot once... it did help me... Since there's enough this year, I definitely want to do it... I tend to get sick, and now that I'm working outside the home again, I need to stay healthy. And that job being a public job (retail) I can get sick easily...

Good thing I'm signing up for insurance... they're just starting to offer it for part timers at my store... woohoo!!!!
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No, the last time I got a flu shot I got the flu from it! It was horrible, and I was sick for days on end. I'll take my chances.
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No, I never have - I'm very healthy and would rather leave them for those that need them.
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I've gotten the flu shot every year for the last decade. When I get the flu, I'm VERY ill for two weeks straight, ususally sleeping round the clock for the whole first 5 days. I've had pneumonia twice, too, so I just can't risk it.

I can't afford to miss that much work, so I have to get it. I missed it two years ago, because I came down with it the day before I was scheduled for the shot - boy, was I ticked off about that! I was in bed for a solid week, out of work for 8 days total.

I highly recommend them if your immune system is in any way compromised!
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Yes, definitely, and gladly. With two autoimmune diseases, I can't afford not to.

Cheers, from
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Absolutely! As long as there's no short supply, I always get one. When, I get the flu, I get it BAD
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Nope, have never gotten the flu really bad, and if I do, I will be more than happy to stay at home, sick in bed
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I take my chances. I am rarely sick, maybe once every other year I get a cold or flu but that's it.

Knock on wood!
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I've already had my flu shot. I got it on Tuesday. I don't like being sick. So, I get a flu shot every year.
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I've never gotten a flu shot. I rarely get sick, and the flu virus mutates regularly anyway. If I do get sick I get time at home watching tv and cuddling the kitties So I'll take my chances!
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My work offers flu shots for free so I will get one.

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No, I'm not in the high risk group, so I do not bother with it.
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If my job offers them, I'll get one; if not, I won't. I rarely get sick, and the last time I got the flu shot, I got the flu ... every other year I didn't get the flu shot and didn't get sick. Like another poster said, I'd rather save them for somebody who really needs one -- I'm definitely not in a high-risk group.

Besides ... a few days off work would be nice, even if I do feel like death warmed over during them.
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Not me. I got one once, and it gave me the sniffles for a day or two, which wasn't real bad but who needs that? I avoid getting colds by frequent hand washing and trying to avoid those that insist on spreading their germs everywhere. I am generally healthy, knock on wood.
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
I've never gotten a flu shot. I rarely get sick, and the flu virus mutates regularly anyway. If I do get sick I get time at home watching tv and cuddling the kitties So I'll take my chances!
I didn't even have the energy to watch TV. I could barely pick up the remote! I'd have to sit for about half an hour working up the energy to pick it up. And whenever I'd try to watch something, I'd fall asleep.
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LOL I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one that actually doesn't mind being sick cuz at least I get to stay home!
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I'm VERY scared of shots and even though I get some sort of flu bug almost every year, I'm only out of commission for about 12-24 hours. I can deal with that. I'll leave them for children, the elderly and other immuno-suppressed individuals.
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A very long time ago, I had an employer who insisted everyone have a flu shot, and provided them free of charge. It didn't stop me from picking up whatever bugs were around.

Today, since I am not in any of the risk groups, I prefer to leave the shots for those whose health is compromised, and should have whatever protection they can get. For me, it's hand washing, and hand sanitzer, and just general good sense. And I haven't had a flu for I don't remember how long. I had a bit of a cold a couple of years ago -- woopie! But I haven't been sick enough to stay home from work, and lord knows I could -- I have enough sick days banked that I could stay off for the best part of a year if I needed to -- no kidding!
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i don't ever get one. i don't usually get the flu. this is, of course, the actual flu, influenza, the respiratory illness. not the stomach flu, which i do sometimes get but the regular kind - don't get it. lots of allergies, tho - i have an overactive immune system.
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Yes, they offer them free at my workplace.
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Absolutely......I will get one. While I'm not in a high-risk group nor is my immune system compromised. I believe that an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. Besides.......when you work in health care you are exposed to more than the average person. As long as there is no shortage of the vaccine I will be one of the first in line. I'm scheduled at the first of November for mine.

Winter Hawk
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Yes, definitely! I get one every year - have to because it's dangerous for me if I get the flu. I hear they are going to be late this year in Canada - they're not available where I live yet, but when the vaccine arrives, I get a call from the doctor's office to get on down and get my shot!
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Yes, I will be getting one and a pnemonia shot too.
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Originally Posted by crittermom View Post
Yes, I will be getting one and a pnemonia shot too.
Had a pneumonia shot a couple of years ago, so I'm good for a while yet.
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Being a brand new school teacher, I have been sick 3 times (with doctor visits and 3 different antiobiotics) since the end of August, I am DEFINTELY getting one!!!!!!
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I always seem to get sick after getting it....so I personally dislike the flu shot and would rather not get it. (If my mom had her way though, I would be getting it ..) I personally see no money in paying for a shot that is going to make me sick anyways and really does nothing to prevent me from getting the flu. I am however going to get the pnemonia shot though- that really works and it's worth the money (I have really bad astmah...so when I get sick, it sometimes goes into pnemonia ) / So I will be getting the pnemonia shot, but i'm pretty sure I won't be getting the flu shot- it doesn't do a thing for me except make me sick.
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