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Radio question of the day: 10/19/06

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Who sent me the gnome holding the nuts?

Nawww, just kidding...........
Actual question was:

Do you know where your birth certificate is?
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I am pretty sure it is in the filing cabinet with my passport.
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No, I am pretty sure I lost it when I moved.
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I think it's at my work (family business) in a safe that's never locked

Although I'm not even totally sure about that!
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It's right where I left it. :P
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Yep it's in the box locked up... Like someone would want it
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Having had to order a new one this year -- yes!
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It's funny that you ask that. With my parents divorce I've lost a lot of my documents, and need to get a new one. I have the form all filled out I just need to mail it.
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Yep. My parents have it in a fire proof safe along with the passport from when I was 12!
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I have both mine and Erik's in our filing cabinet.
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Yes, I do!
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Last I saw it was in my "filing" by the computer. I needed it when I had to replace my driver's license earlier this year.
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Yup, its folded into a little tiny square and its in a mailing envelope in my taxes folder.... which is I think its on my coffee table
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Stored in a nice envelope in a secure place. We had to take them on our last trip since we don't have passports.
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in a filing cabinet in my closet
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It's in a filing cabinent at my house.
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Yep....both dh's and mine are safe and secure
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yes it is in my gun safe at my parents house
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somewhere in this house, I think.
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Yes, I know exactly where the original, certified copy, and wallet card copy are! Stored with our passports, marriage certificate, and other important documents.
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Originally Posted by Miagi's_Mommy View Post
somewhere in this house, I think.
Thats exactly where mine is!!!!
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In a metal box with all my other important papers
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It's in our safe with our passports and the diamonds that hubby calls "the big boys".... if we're going somewhere nice and I put my one slider onto my omega necklace and my diamond earrings he'll say "ohhhhh, your bringing the big boys?"
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