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An update.

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Well, I ended up getting one of our "dumpster kittens" last night, a sweet little slip of a thing at six weeks old.
She (I think it's a girl) is installed in a huge closet with her things, food, litter, water, toys and her security towel
It's gonna be a long haul, So far Sam has sniffed around and he's a little hissy, kind of a "hisshiss, I smell another cat, so I'm obligated to make a fuss *yawns, flops*"
Mica is a whole other story, she's feeling really threatened right now.
I'm giving them lots of loves, and I'm going out to buy those feliway plug ins today, and basically prepared to take things very slowly
I'll probably be on a lot, asking a lot of dumb questions I've never raised a kitten that young before, and I REALLY want this to work out.
I'll try and get pictures as soon as I can,
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YAY more kitten additions please post pictures asap. I just love kittens and pictures of them
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I'm glad to hear that at least one of them got a chance! You'll be a great meowmy.
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Aww congrats!!!
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