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Consumer Beware!  

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I thought we could start a thread about businesses or other things that we want to warn other people to avoid. I know almost everyone has had a very bad experience with companies that treat their customers beyond badly.

Here's mine:

If you ever consider getting a credit card from [edited out] - DON'T! Unfortunately, hubby agreed to get one when the wouldn't quit calling him, didn't find out about the enrollment fee ($150 of his $300 credit line) until after he activated and used the card (yup, he's a financial idiot who doesn't read any fine print). Now, almost 1 year later, [edited out] has apparently decided that we shouldn't get statements from them anymore. Haven't gotten one in two months now. Hubby called them before the bill was due last month, got the "We'll send you another one out right away, and you won't get charges added to your account." All a bunch of bull. Never got another bill, got the $30 late charge while we were waiting for the bill, and since their late charge pushed him over limit got another $30 charge. We finally paid online (another $3 charge for that, but better than $7 to pay over the phone). We wrote and contested the late and overlimit charges since THEY messed up sending out a statement. Just got a response from them "We feel your account was adjusted fairly." They sure can find us to tell us that we have to eat their $60 in charges, and that the payment for last month was late (DUH! That's why he's been calling twice a week to find out where his statement is!), but we still haven't gotten last month's statement. Haven't gotten this month's statement either. So we have no idea what is being charged to his account, and apparently never will, but we better have the payment in on time. Oh yeah, and they won't let you speak to anyone who has the authority to alter anything on your account.

Sorry I'm so long winded. I just really hate that company, and there isn't anything I can do about it. They just take my money and I have no choice in any charges on the account.
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OMG - Please cancell the card immediately. I would not want your credit to go down the tubes because of these ^&*^*&^*^)($%$#$%$
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Just want to mention that people who made negative comments about a store on another web site were sued by the store for libel!
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I'd read some time ago about a class-action lawsuit against this card company in Florida for these very tactics. Here's the url and a very brief summary... if I were you, I'd check out your state and see if there's a similar action (and certainly tell [edited out] that you're considering joining it if all late charges related to late statements are not removed from your account). Then I'd cut the card up.

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Heidi, I'm real sorry, but I need to edit your post and close the thread. Like lotsocats said, these kind of posts may get the site in legal trouble and I'm sure you understand why I want to stay away from those

Here's a link you might find useful. It has links to all sorts of consumers groups and organizations.


Thank you and again my apologies!
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