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Cat Under the Bed?

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We have had Carl for just over a month. When we first got him, he spent every available minute in either my or Jack's lap. Now, he is spending more and more time sleeping under the bed. He won't sleep out where anyone can get to him(unless he is in a lap), and I think he feels more secure under the bed. When he is under there he is always curled up sleep, not like he is hiding or anything.

Is this normal? I know there really isn't a "normal" but he was so outgoing and affectionate when we first got him, and while he is still sweet and loving, he doesn't seem to want to be around us as much as he used to.

Has this happened to anyone else? I just want to make sure this isn't a sign that he is unhappy, scared, lonely, etc.
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I think it is normal, yes. My cat spent a lot of time under the bed when I first got him. He was under the bed almost full time at first, and then even as he started coming out and seeming happy, it was several months before he would sleep in an unprotected place or let me see him sleeping.

So I wouldn't worry. Just let him come and go from under there as much as he likes. Eventually he'll probably do it less. Though I've known cats that liked to spend time under the bed or couch throughout their lives... I guess some just prefer to have one safe spot.
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I think he just wants to sleep where he won't be disturbed.
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My cat always sleeps under our bed. Even if he starts off laying on my chest on top of the bed -- after 20 minutes or so he pops up and goes under the bed for his LONG nap.

I think he feels safe under there -- especially from my 4 and 6 year old kids. He would NEVER sleep on the couch or out in the open when they are around (smart kitty -- they would bug him every few minutes).
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If he is eating, drinking, using the box fine, playful etc. I wouldnt worry. If he shows any of those symptoms, not eating etc. he could be ill.
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Cats are territorial, and all of mine have always had places that were 'theirs' - for anywhere from a day to months at a time, but the one sure thing I've found is that this will definitely change at some point (usually wks) to the next place, and the next, etc. etc. in time. Plus you could always make the under-bed places less hospitable by scattering orange or lemon peels underneath (they don't like citrus smells!) and or big boxes, etc.
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My kitty loves to sleep in my closet for her nice, long, serious naps! She's always been a closet kitty. I have a nice size box that I taped up, then cut out an opening on one end and put it in the living room. Now, she'll take naps in there where it's nice, dark, and small. She feels safe in there.

You might try getting your kitty a box or enclosed bed and put it in your den/family room and see if he starts sleeping in there.

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How old is your cat? If he's under a year old, I would suggest that he's in a growing spurt and is just getting a lot of rest. Then he will be a crazy kitten again soon - if he is a kitten, that is,
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