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My apologies for posting this to this board, but the forum that discusses moving has not been active since June and I am needing some advice.
I am planning to move out of state and it will require a 6-7 hour drive. I have two, 2-year old DSH cats, brother and sister (littermates is SO impersonal!). My concern, obviously, is getting them there. I will be driving. I have an SUV, so space isn't a problem, I'm just worried about the drive itself. I have a kennel big enough to hold both of them and they're fine confined together. They meow non-stop when I take them to the vet!! Any words of advice? Do cats require "potty breaks" like dogs do??

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When brought our 3 cats from California to Connecticut we had space enough for a kennel as well, actually it was a dog training crate. It was big enough for the 3 of them as well as a litter box. You can get a "no spill" water bowl from places like petco. You also might want to try some rescue remedy which is available from health food stores.
No matter what you do though, they are probably going to cry for at least a while, so in that case I suggest a very good stereo system and a bunch of your favorite cd's.
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We'll I have done long distance traveling with various animals, rats, cats, dogs.

Your best and safest bet is to get the biggest carrier/kennel you can fit into your car (it doesn't have to be huge, but just don't cramp the animal). Secure it into your car so that it doesn't jiggle around. If its HUGE you can fit a small litter box into it, you can use a cardboard box, like the ones they have at petstores that canned cat food comes in. Attach some food, and water to the side of the kennel. Put a cat nip toy in there, and a nice blanket/towel. Then put a big blanket or towel on top of the cage so that it's completely covered. A lot of cats find comfort in this, (some do not, you'll have to try it out to see.)

If the cage is not big enough to accompany a litter box, then yes I do stop and give my cats a potty break. Most the cats I travel with, will not go out of the car for potty breaks, so I try to keep a litter box on the floor for them to use.

If you want, you can keep water/food away from the animals while they are in the car, but depending on how long your drive is you really do need to give them at least water. If they go in their carrier then its no big deal, just bring a little spray bottle of cleaner some paper towels, another towel/blanket, and a trash bag, your all set.
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