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Help..My Cat has patches of sore, red skin that are furless

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I was wondering if any one could help me.

Our cat is suffering from several patches of sore, red skin that are very itchy for him. He tends to bite at them and they are beginning to bleed. They remind me of the Eczema I suffer from.

The vet has tested him for all sorts of things. He did suffer from ear mites (we found him on the streets you see) but these have now gone.

The vet seems to think he may be allergic to his food. He is very fussy and will only eat certain types. He is very keen on the dry food, but does not like the meat and jelly types much.

Do you have any advice on what to try him on, and is there any ointment we could try on his sore skin???

Thanks a lot

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If the vet thinks it is food allergies and not ringworm or another problem, you need to switch to a food he is not allergic too. He may put up a fuss at first, but he will eventually eat. If you dont take away the allergin that is causing this, he is likely to suffer the rest of his life. Did the doctor mention an RX food?
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Dear Sandie,

Thanks for getting back to me so fast. I am not sure what RX food is?

Also, is is just a case of trial and error to actually find out what he is allergic to specifically?

Thanks a lot

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RX food is a prescription diet. Usually the foods have no red meat or chicken. They tend to have either lamb or rabbit. You may want to try the Eukanuba lamb food if the RX food is not available to you at this time. Just remember to give it at least a month before switching. It takes at least that long to improve. This is actually more common than people think. I work at a vets office and I have seen numerous cases. Good luck with your baby!!! If you have any more questions or worries..please feel free to post away.
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I would research the food first. I'm not all that happy with Eukanuba because of the preservatives and the sub-grade ingredients. The food that I just switched our dog and cats to is Natura. My dog has severe allergies and he is on Natura California Natural. My cats don't have allergies and they are are on Natura Innova. Natura is made with human grade ingredients. Animal feed usually is made out of inferior products - ie they can't sell it to humans. These products are also naturally preserved (to be honest I think our furry friends eat a lot more healthy than us furrless parent cats!)

Good luck!

Heather V. Havel
Michigan - USA
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I can't believe yours was the first question I read after registering on this site tonight! I just got back from the vet with a bill for $184! (But our cats are worth it, aren't they???) My cat, Katya, not only has feline asthma, but also the "red, sore patches with no hair" on her belly that your cat seems to have, also! My vet diagnosed Katya with a "hormone imbalance". I had taken her to another vet that said it was probably an allergy and wanted to put her through alot of tests. I decided I wanted a "second opinion" so I took her back to a vet that I used to go to when I lived in another town; he took one look at her and said "hormone imbalance"! He gave here a shot and, believe it or not, quartered dog birth control pills, and it cleared right up! Unfortunately, it's one of those things that he tells me could come back every six to twelve months and I'll need to take her back in for another shot. I believe him, too, because she's been getting treated for this for almost two years now, and needs a shot almost every six months. This may not be the same thing that your cat is experiencing, but it's worth a shot! Good luck!!!
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