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TheCatSite Cats (With their Little Kitty Nicknames)

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What nicknames do your kitties have?

Pudge usually gets called "Wudgyroo", "Fartcloud", "Complainy"(she has cute little complaining noies she makes sometimes), "Insane Catdemon" (when she's gotten into the catnip and lives at 30 mph for an hour), and "Fat Girl" (although she's nowhere near fat).

Typhus just gets called Typhus, "Miniature Catdemon" or "Tiny Girlmonster". (for now)
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Radar is also known as:

Radeypops, Pretty Kitty, Furry Purry, Tiger, Big Bwave Hunter, Rumblecat, Pretty Paws, and very occasionally 'you little &*$%'
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I make up the dumbest nicknames for my cats ...

Spike is Spikie, Spike-a-doo, Spike-a-doodle (which has to be sung to the tune of "Hallelujah"), Spikles, Spikester, Spike-a-roo, My Fuzzy Bunny, the Orange Demon, Spike-cicles, Spike-a-rama ... For the most part, we call him Spike or Spikie.

Oz is Ozzie, Ozling, Ozelot, Ozmodeus, Ozmodear, Ozeltov, My Chubby Bunny, Goldbelly (like a Bond villain), Ozzles, and, occasionally, Sp-Oz! (when we start out scolding Spike, only to realize that Oz, the GOOD cat, is the one causing trouble). He's usually just called Oz or Ozzie, though.

I even give my friends' cats dumb nicknames. Cassidy became Cassiduous (it's his Latin name ), Hero was Heroshima, Chandler was Chandlerescine (I don't know where my brain got that one!), Logan was Head ('cause he has a big head). Oh, and Malkavius just got a song (sung to the tune of "Asparagus, Asparaus" from the old TV show Alf) -- "Malkavius, Malkavius, you're not allowed on the table ..."

I'll go hang my head in shame now.
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...Lovely Thread!
Let see..
Milkini, Amo Bonito, chickis, Blanquito, Smeagol, Ratita Blanca, Precioso, Bandido!......

to mention to some!
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I love this thread! What a cute idea!

Jasmine: Sugar momma, Jazzy, Sugs, Sweet girl, CatDog ( she's like a dog trapped inside of a cat's body- she's great) Fat Cat (ment in the most loving way possible) and Colin calls her his little buddy

Isabella - Izzy, Bella, Mommy's little princess, My baby (she is the baby out of the 4....and boy does she know it! She's spoiled rotten), Bella Mia, Turkey Girl (she's a turkish angora), Bella Bee

Velvet- Velvie, Velveteen,sweetheart, the monacrch (she is not just royalty, she OWNS all of us ) my little shadow, black beauty

Abilene - Abbie, Abbie Babby (don't ask....it has a funny story behind it) , Honey Bunny- (that's what her little stuffed animal she sleeps with is called), Demon Kitty, Attack Cat, Pretty Girl
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Mica is Baby-girl, Princess Bunny-Feet Skinny Fuzzy-Butt or Mama's Grey girl.

Sam is Samual, Sam the Man, the Samster, Stinky, Sir Poopsalot or Big Boy.

Momo is just Momo so far we'll see.
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I love this thread...
Mirinae, I wonder how many people actually sang (like I did) Spike-a-doodle. And I absolutely love Ozeltov... too cute

So my kitties...
Frankie: Queen, b!tch kitty (cuz she is), mama, fatty, baby girl
Wickett: chubby (still not sure if it's chubb or fur), spaz, handsome boy
and both get called poor/starving/spoiled kitties depending on the situation really any adjective fits in.

Of course I'm sure there are more... I just can't think of any.
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I have always had one or more nicknames for any of my cats

Alix P. Curl is actually a nickname as Alix's real name is TGC (as an alter), RW Mihit Killashandra I also call her Baby Doll.
Her sister Ophelia - well, that's a nickname, her real name is Mihit LadyHawke, I also call her La-La, and Choochie (call her choochie most of the time).

Frankie Jean since she became part of our cat family has earned such nicknames as Frankie Freckle Nose, and her full "your in trouble" name is "Frankie Jean Fitzsimmons!"

Ah, then there is Larissa (real name). We call her Larissa-Boo, Saucy Bits, Flufferdoodle, fluffergirl.
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Willow - Milly, Meemo, Mildred, Billy, Robert, George
Buffy - Muffy, Moofy, Moofaye, Muffykins, Barbie, Shortcake (she's the smallest of the 3, lol)
Molly - Malloy, Mallory, Chubby, Fart-head, Little Girl

As you can tell by the M nicknames, I get them all mixed up sometimes. Call Buffy Milly when I mean Muffy... lol
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JOEY: Joesters
JC: Deetles, Eetle-eetle-eetle,
AmyRose: Aimsters, Aim,
CinderCone: Cindy, Cinders, ConeKitten, Cone,
Andy: Anders, AndyCandy,
Andrea (Andrea allows ONLY her given name, or else ),
TommyScott: Scotty, Scottsters, Tommie, TomKitten,
Christy: Mao, Princess Mao, Principessa, Prrrincipessa Khrrristeee, Christy, Christy,

And yes, I did sing out "Spike-AH-DOOdle!"
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oh, where shall I start?? Sometimes I don't think my cats even know their real names
Antigone- Tiggy, Tigalicious, beautiful girl, Tig
Calypso (rat)-Lyppy
Demeter- Meme, Miss MeMe, Pinky
Eros- Lil Boy, Lil E, love muffin
Hermes- Herm, pumpkin
Ismene- Iz, Izzy, tiny girl, skinny mini
Girl (dog)- yeah, she's deaf, so I don't call her anything
Jinx- Jinxie, B%^&*h
Medusa- Dusy
Nemo- Neme, big boy
Nike- baby girl, lil Nike (with out the E sound at the end)
Orion- Ri Ri
Pandora- Pandy, Pandy-Pan, pudge-butt
Sapphire- Sapphy, princess
Vino (dog)- V, Veeney-weeney, Genius
Zeus- Zeusely Streusely
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So funny reading what we call our cats

Ducky- Ducky Doo, Doo Doo, Doo Doo Butt, Boo Butt

Easy- Easy B, EeeBee, Easy Belle, Baby Girl

Laura- Peanut, Peeny, Peeny Poo, French Fry, Larda

Tino- Teen Bean, Beany, Bean Butt, Teeny Weeny, Teeny Beany

Kiko- Kiko Man, Cry Baby, Kiko Meeko, Kiko Freako

and many more .....
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okay lets see...


Speed Bump
Road Kill
Dump Truck
Gizzymoto Sumo Kitty


Hop a long
Charmin Ms. Funky Foot


Un (oooooohn)










Bob Bob
lil' Bob





and the dogs have them too...

Queenie - Dot to Dot
Cassie - Brown Dog
Hanna - Ham Bone or Hanna Banana
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Vash -Vashbrrt, demon cat, turd burgler
Trouble -Buddy cat, Mama's boy, Trouble Bubble
Ivory -Bug, Buggers, Bugaboo, Bugley
Spaz -Spazilla, Fuzzbutt, Paz
Cassi -Cassi Mew, Miss Mew, Mew-Mew
Shadow -Not fit to print on a family site
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Here's mine!

Katie: Baby, Chicken cat, Chicky, Babe-chick, Beauty, Belle,

Gracie: Little Bug, Bugaroo, Lady Bug, Stinky, Scooby, Princess, B$#chy Kitty

Peter: Petey, Sweet Pete, Hunk, Manly Man, Big Pete, Goober

Claire: Clary, Clarabelle, Angel, Sweetness, Lovey, Clarina
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Nicknames for Shami? Head crab, face hugger, nonobadkitty, sleepyhead. Haha, I guess you can figure out what his favorite activities are just from his nicknames.
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Bella, I called her Bolee, Belly, Momma's girl, Girlfriend & Sweetzer Girlfriender!

Sophia, we call her Soph, Phee, Pheedee, and my favorite LUCIFER

Severino, we call him Sev, Sevy, Sevystinky, Stinkylu and Lulee

Joey, his real name is Joey Gibbs(he's named after the Redskins coach) we call him Big Joe Gibbs & Jo Jo
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Originally Posted by catsknowme View Post
And yes, I did sing out "Spike-AH-DOOdle!"
Glad I wasn't the only one!

Ivo has many nicknames: Ivo-Ivo-bo-Bivo, Sweepea, Baby girl, Shugie bear, pointy-nosed nosy Nelly, Big bear, Baby bear (I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot)
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Milo (the big one) is just Big Milo.

Zebra gets called Zeeb, cutie, cutie pie or baby

Milo is usually just Milo. Sometimes he gets called cutie but thats about it.
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Chynna: Beautiful, Face, Sweety , Sweetums, Love Bug, Cuddle Bug, Banana, Softy, Chubs, and Chubbums,

Abby: Abby Wabby, Baby Abby, Cutie, Cutie Pie, Pretty Abby, Baby, and Red
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Jacob: Jakey, Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt (if you start to sing or whistle the song, he comes running), Pretty Boy, Sushi

Loki: Loki Pokey; Lolo: Honey: Honey Bunny; Bunny Boy

How do I greet them when I come home from work? Hello Boys!
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Sash- my little potato, potato pie, sweet potato, loverboy, my big bear, big teddy bear, beautiful, lover, beautiful tabby boy and so many more! These are just some of the most recent ones.
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Annabelle: Bellers, Belle, Fuzz butt, Belle-baby, Annabellers

Lucy: Goose, Goosebutt, Galloping Goosebutt, Gray Gooser

Daisy: Daisy Mae, Daisers, Daisybutt (We have a whole Daisybutt song)

And we call all of them Princess and The Girlie Butts
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Miagi : baby kitters, Miags Pogs, Miagers, fish face .. my dad calls him catty catty..

Tiger : Tigs Pigs, Tigger, Tigs, Tiger Woods , mommy's lil' shadow, oh and I call him fish face, too.
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Lily- Wicky, Wicky Girl, Wixy, Willy, Willy Girl, Chunk, Mouser, Meowser and Lilykins

Annie Rose- Annie, Rosie, Evil Fredrika, Phsyco Freak, Crazy Cat and Buttrubber

Kitten- Sugar Kitten, Kitty, Miss Kitty, Kittilywinks and Sweetie Junior

Bagheera- Badeera, Gheery, Scarface, Googly Bear, Googly Eyes, Bug Eyes, Black Boy, Bagheery, Deery, Baby Boy, Cuddlebun, Cuddler, Goofy Boy, Golden Kitty, Big Boy, Velcro Boy, Hoo Hoo, Badheart (like Braveheart), Buddy's Baby Boy, Charmer, Slick, Sly, Sneaky, Crazy Boy and umm thats all I can think of right now. He has more but thats all I can say on here.
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Originally Posted by LokisMum View Post
Jacob: Jakey, Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt (if you start to sing or whistle the song, he comes running)
That is too cute!

I've realized another... when they are both around my feet begging for food (like when I bring home one of the jumbo bags) I call them both my fatties... affectionately, of course. LOL
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8-Bit: Bit, little Bit, little one, baby kitty, littlest one, furry one, Mr. serious, and cat one

Scratch Fury Destroyer of Worlds: Scratch, baby Scratch, furryest one, big guy, big black kitty, Mr. nervous, and cat two.

When I refer to them together: Boys!
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Monkey is also known as:

Monk...Mama Monkey.....Monkey boo.....Monkey doo....Bunny boo....Baby bunny...
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Quill goes by Featherbutt, Ghostface, Sweetpea, Brat, Dawggy (because he follows me everywhere and will sulk if no one's around), Luff, Boyo, Baby Boy, Sweetnut, Babe, Floofy Kitteh, Fluffer, Biteytoes, Cuteness Overload, Sleepyhead, Pantaloony, Kitten and @#$%^!#^#!!!!!!!

And whenever I whistle he'll come to me
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Let's see:

Pete: Petie Pop, Petie Pop Pop Tart, PPPPEEEETTTTTEEEEE!

KittenKiya: KiyaChan, ChanChan, LoverChan, Keeuk-Keeuk

ChanKahli: Diddo, Baby Girl, Kahli-Kahla

Tammy-Timmy: Tamby-Timby, Pretty Girl, Oh my God....
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