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When to switch to adult food?

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My cat is 7 mos old and eats Nutro Kitten dry and wet. I can only get him to eat 1/4 of a 3 oz can of wet at a time (total 1/2 of a 3 oz can per day) -- but I figure it is better then nothing.

Anyhow, when I weigh him he appears to be about 9 lbs. Seems like a lot since he is still growing.

Is the adult dry food less fattening? When should a switch him? I don't want a fat cat!
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In the line your feeding ... Kitten has 35% protein and 21% fat... the adult has 33% protein and 19% fat ..... it doesnt look huge but amount to about 5% of overall calories... Talk with your vet , you may just have a big cat .. I was always taught kitten or puppy for a year, but I know some pull them off at six months and other s at a few years ...
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I was wondering the same thing, excpet my 2 kittens are 5 months old or so and they weigh 8 pounds each.
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I usually start deciding at around 8 months. If the kitten is getting a little chunky then switch over. As long as you are feeding a healthy quality adult food because if not, it won't matter, the cat will still get chunky and unhealthy. If the kitten seems tiny then keep them on kitten food longer.

I also go by the other cats in the house. If they are all adults I would switch sooner just because it is easier.
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i'm wondering the same thing although when i check to see if my kitten's chunky or not, i don't go by weight, i go by how he looks. cause your cat might just be a big boy and 9lbs is right for him but if you go off of weight, you might think he's overweight when he's not. Here's a helpful chart: http://placervillevet.com/feline%20body%20condition.htm

I haven't decided when I'm going to switch, mine's about 7-8mos right now.
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I switched Mosi over to adult food at 9 months. I would have done it sooner except I'd bought a load of kitten food that needed eating up! He's been ready since about 7 months and was getting a bit chubby. I think he's slimming down a little now that he's on adult.
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I'm wondering this about Milo. He seems to be getting a bit of a belly, and I'm trying to decide whether to go ahead and switch him after this bag runs out. He weighs about 7/8 lbs I think, and is a little over 6 months old.
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Gizmo is around 8lbs and he's 7 months now. I've decided as soon as the kitten food is gone, I'll be making the switch to adult food.
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I switched at 8 months also. Quincy (male) probably could have stayed on til a year, but I was also worried about him getting too fat. He is a big guy though withouth the fat so maybe he needed the extra calories. My girl is small and I wish I'd kept her on kitten food longer.
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