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May God and his Angels hold this family in their hands and help ease their pain.
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I'm so sorry for the loss that you experienced! I can't believe how young this women is, and how quickly it all must have come!

As for the little girl, she might need help. Someone to be there for her for a few months, and to talk it over, and let her realize that its OK.

I feel so horrible for the mother, baby, child, husband, and you and your husband! If you need any support, call on us cat people!

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I'm so sorry. I pray for her family.
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Oh I'm so sorry! I wish there were better words, but I will be praying for everyone who has experienced this loss.
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That is so horrible. I am so sorry to hear thoughts and prayers go out to all of you and sending many coping and calming vibes your way.
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What a horrible prayers are with that family.
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Oh, what a horrible tragedy! I am so sorry for you and your husband, in the loss of this friend and the pain you feel for the family. I pray for Ann's husband and daughter at this difficult time. To lose a wife and mother, and the baby, too, is just so very sad!

There is a book called Tear Soup that is a very good book on grief. It is very nice at reminding people that while everyone grieves in their own way, there are certain similarities. I gave a copy to a 6th grade boy at our church after his teenage sister died. Here is a link to their webpage.
Here is a page with tips for helping kids with grief at the same site.
Maybe it could be of help to your friends.

I will pray for this family, and all their extended family and friends. They will need that circle of support to come through this difficult time. Thanks for letting us know so we can offer our prayers, too. Please let us know how the Camm family is doing.
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I'm sending many prayers to the family.What an awful, horrific thing to happen to such a young promising family.

I am so sorry. I can't imagine the devastation.
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I'm so sorry Heather. My prayers go out to you and your friend's family.
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That is so tragic!! Wow-poor guy and poor little girl. They are FOR sure in my thoughts.

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How are you doing? And do you have any updates about Ann's family. I am keeping them in my prayers, as I am certain they will need lots of support for a long time!
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I just seen this post this just makes me so sad. I will keep you all in my prayer and send you all some good vibes ))good vibes((
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Just wanted to update everyone on the situation. We went to the funeral on Monday. It was the worst one I have ever been to, including my grandfathers. Dean was stoic through everything, keeping up his facade for his daughter. They decided to let Kayla (the 4yr old) go up to the casket, so that her last memory of her mother wasn't hanging on her leg while her mom was dying. This way she could see her Mommy "sleeping with the angels". She did well during the long ceremony, not understanding the concept of it all. Although Ann is Korean, Dean is Irish, and after the Catholic burial they had an Irish wake. It was nice to see everyone laughing while they were crying. They do not have the exact cause of death yet, they are still waiting for the results of the autopsy. However, we did find out that Ann was rushed to the ER 2 weeks before, complaining of pain & numbness & shortness of breath, and they sent her home telling her not to sleep on her left side. The upsetting thing for Dean, is that they could've taken the baby 2 wks ago. The baby would've survived, and maybe Ann would've also. The hardest part now for them, is that Dean doesnt' want to go home, cause it's too many reminders of Ann, and Kayla cries every night to go home, cause she wants the comfort of being reminder of her mother. It's a very tragic situation. I want to thank all of you for praying for them, and for keeping them in your thougts and hearts, it's greatly appreciated. Thanks again....
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