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the Daily Thread Thursday October 19

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The weekend is almost here! Sunny day on tap for us, after a really foggy morning. Indian summer is back!

Looks like a holiday for the geek in all of us today...

Have a great day, cat friends!
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Another warm day here today also.It's suppose to be aorund 73'!!! I love the weather,but hate the fact it makes for sick kids.
DH and I will get to spend most of the day together!! WOO HOO!!!
Have a GREAT day everyone.
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This is how my morning started!

A rainy day in store for us here today! I'm still on a mission to get all my housework and things up to date, so I'll be checking out some motivation music today!

So looks as though the rest of my day will be less eventful!

Have a great Thursday everyone!
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was supposed to go into work today, and guess what? My bosses phone has been off since Tuesday night, so how am i supposed to go into work where i dont even know which store i am supposed to go to!? and i was actually looking foward to it because I enjoy doing the Inventory instead of packing stuff.
he told me he would call me on tuesday night.. and now i just presume something has happened with his phone. Either a car accident? or phone got stolen!? who knows! all i know is that im peed because i need the money!

OTher than that just bringing some more stuff to the new house, and then.. prepare for another interview tomorrow!

Have a great day everyone!
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That sucks Fran!, I hope your boss is able to get in touch with you soon.

I'm just getting ready for work myself. It's going to be another day of trying to learn the ropes at my new job gosh, I hate being the new girl!

Have a great day everyone!
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Good MOrning all! Well it was a rough start today. Its really foggy out and on my road there is a couple who walks in the mornings. Well some mornings. Usually they only go when its dark at 6:30 or rainy or foggy.. Like they are asking to be hit by a car since they don't wear any refletive material or a light of any kind and we don't have street lights in my area. Well the almost got their wish this moring. I almost hit them. Scared me to death! Probably them to. I am going to have to put a note on everyone's mailbox about wearing reflective or lights becuase it absolutely drives me crazy!!
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Morning all.
Its dry here and overcast but nice

I have to do more house work My kitties have been ransacking the place and had the litterboxes all over the place so I gotta do the vacuuming...again
Other than that i've nothing at all to do
After that I think I'll do abit of painting....and then play with the kittens

Have a great day everybody
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Morning! First day back at work today, took Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off to get some stuff done, with my Dad's help, ok he mostly did the work , shrink-wrapped my windows to cut down on my heating bills this winter, hopefully that works well also took my car into the shop for a funny noise.... $650 later my car sounds better but good thing I didn't go and buy the couch I wanted oh well! I'm starving right now, might have to go get some McD's on break
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Wahoo! Great Weekend-Eve day .
Am contemplating going to the office today or not. I can do a lot of work at home. Figure I'll go in around 10ish for a while. Then have my daughters high school soccer game this afternoon! Love watching her play.
Weather is absolutely beautiful here - 65-68 today. Bit overcast, but who cares. Cats already know it's going to be a great day. Two of them started first thing this morning batting at the windows to open em up.
Then this weekend - getting things rolling to get my grandparents moved into their new apartment at my parents house. We've spent the last few weeks fixing it all up. They wanted new everything in there. Needless to say - I"m learning alot! This weeks lesson - finishing the tiling on the kitchen counters. My dad is the best teacher and knows so much. (He likes the help too cause it makes his job so much easier). Wanted to learn the kitchen tiling cause I want to do my kitchen. Already know how to do floors, but not counters.
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The day didn't start well as Ox (I'm guessing) peed on the rug by the front door and had 3 BM's by the kitchen sink and of course I had to step in it (again). Got that cleaned up. DH is not happy about that-the joys of owning a aging cat-I guess I'll have to put him outside after he eats to make show she does his business outside (doesn't use litter boxes).
Other than that I headache and cramps are starting (oh joy!!) Good thing I have chocolate on hand!!
Started refinishing a little table I bought this summer, have to mend a couple of DH's shirts.
Might go to local antiguq mall so see whats new there (and cheap).
Not much else exciting.
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I'm late for work again. I just had to stop by and see what's new.
gotta go. I'll be on later. Have a great day everyone.
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Sorry to join in a little late, no sleep last night and's off to meet the new BF's parents for the first time!! YIKES!!!!!

Looking forward to the weekend, enjoy your evening everyone!
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