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My Cat is not playing well with others !

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I have 2 cats a female (Pixel) 2 + yrs old and a male (Nemo) 1.5 yr old.
The female is a pretty big cat whilst the male was obviously the runt of the litter and is still tiny and looks like a kitten. Both cats have been in each others company for 1 year and I have had Pixel for 2 years.
Pixel is the problem, she really does not play well with others. In short she is a bully. She has always gone for him, hissing and batting him. Last night she bloodied his nose.
Nemo is a good cat he does't harrass her and pretty much leaves her alone ! He's got the message and leaves her be but when they pass each other or get near she goes for him. I'm pretty much getting close to crisis point as Nemo seems to be spending quite a bit of time next door (the neighbours have cats and we both have cat flaps plus they are really understanding and nice about the situation) and this morning in the bathroom when Pixel hissed at Nemo I hissed at Pixel and she bolted for it. I'm prepeared to admit hissing at the cat is probably out of order but I just felt pushed.
Any ideas about what I can do to help Nemo and drasticly alter Pixel's attitude ? Its getting a bit tricky !
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When my boys look to be playing to rough, and seem really mad at each other, I start speaking in a calm voice, saying things like be good kitties, such good kitties, blah, blah. that usually gets them to calm down and one will walk away. When that doesn't work I clap my hands and that will break them up. they have never drawn blood, but I have heard a squeek or two and that disturbs me. My cats do like each other generally. there is a lot of grooming and gentle tumbling, so I don't know how the soft voice talking would work if they already dislike each other. worth a try. I try to treat all three with individual attention because I don't want them to be jealous of each other.
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They both get equal attention, but Pixel's behaviour has been revolting from day one with Nemo ! and its getting worse.
She has never gotten along with him.
Can you get cat prozac ? or the like ?
I really am at my wits end of what to do !
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they do prescribe tranquilizers and the like for cats. Also, there is a product called Feliway, which is supposed to calm cats down. You might want to try that first. If you put that in the search, you will find a lot of threads discussing it. I think there is a sticky on agressive behavior as well.
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Feliway seems to be really working here for us. I just posted the happy ending! Here's my story:


I hope it helps!

Cheers, from
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