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RIP Girl Be Happy and have Fun

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For Sheba who lived next door, who didn't have a very nice life, but you will now pretty girl lot's of pups to play with at Rainbow bridge RIP. And because no one seemed to care about her but My Hubby and I did.

I wanted to write how I think she felt and what she was thinking

I wanted to Love you and I did from the start
But it seems all you did was to just brake my Heart

I counted the hours untill you came home
But it seemed that forever I was alone

You would bring out the food and say you get down
And all I wanted to do was to act like a clown

I really don't have a voice to say how I feel
I just wonder why my life never really felt real

Wasn't I worth a little care and concern
Couldn't you take just a minute to learn

what is was that I needed from Day number one
I wanted to be happy and just have some fun

It wasn't that much a minute or so
was all I needed and you didn't know

But through it all I never gave up
And Now I know you didn't Love this pup

My life was to short and so very sad
I'm starting to wonder if it's because I was bad

You knew I was sick and I guess that you tried
But no one was there for me when I died

RIP Pretty Girl
You deserved Better
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Oh the poor baby

Play like a happy puppy should play Sheba, and have fun over the bridge with all your new friends

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Rest in peace, dear Sheba.
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Rest in peace, Sheba. You are in a loving home, now. Look around for another dog named Sheba who has been there in heaven for 18 years. I'm sure she can show you around.

Condolences on your loss. Hopefully the neighbors will forgo getting another outside dog.
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Rest in peace Sheba.
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Godspeed over Rainbow Bridge, Sheba, and join the loyal ranks of TCS dogs who are over there loving our kitties (ask Tasha - she's great at showing newcomers around).
Half-Pint, thankyou for writing that lovely poem. Heartwrenching to read, but I know that Sheba knew that you cared, otherwise, how could you have been able to put her feelings into words. That a dog needed the warmth of a cat-lover's heart, sweet puppy angel
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That is a very nice poem. Sheba was lucky to have people that did care about her and she knew it.
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Lois, your poem was beautiful and heartbreaking all at the same time.......RIP little Sheba..............
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Thanks Guys, You all care more then most people I know of, to bad everyone didn't feel like we all do.
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Play happy now little one.

I'd like to add to your poem if you don't mind.

Can't you see those people next door?
So loving and kind to the core?

They take but a moment as if a skilled art
to offer solace to my weary heart.

Nothing more than kind works and pats through a fence,
must be some concept for someone most dense.

Lord only knows why,
you've been allowed to cause me to die.

But someone showed me what I was missing,
are you now listening?

Over the sweet Rainbow Bridge I will cross
and you will feel nothing of my loss.

But there are people unlike you who are loving and kind,
they seek justice and show compassion to all that they find.

For all living creatures deserve so much more.
If I were you, I'd fear their presence at your door.

Despite all my heartache and pain
Only through forgiveness do I stand to gain.

As one sews he also does reap,
blessing or cursing you will keep.

I am now happy and content,
living the way my life was meant.

As love abounds
contentment surrounds.

I am happy and free,
free to be the real me.

Farewell and goodbye kind neighbors,
yes I've noticed your labors.

I've seen you mad and quite upset,
but now I am happy so don't fret!

I'll care for your loved ones here with me,
till you join us for eternity.
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Thank You so much that is so fitting, It's sad when you have to feel this way from arcross the yard, but I saw it everyday and I knew it with my Heart that she didn't matter to them, She was a Beauttiful Rottie Girl perhaphs 2 1/2, We watched her grow into a Beautiful Girl, We alway's talked to her Petted her and I always gave her treats.
Knowing she was emotionally neglected was the hardest part, she had food and water but she didn't have any of what she needed and wanted. They didn't deserve her at all, and this never had to happen I blame them for it. Thanks Again
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I'm shedding some tears for sweet little Sheba.

There's another Sheba and a Simba at the Bridge. They were my sister's beloved dogs, and they will also show you around. And Felicia - she loves to play. She'll play with you little Sheba. And the love you felt tiny bits of through the fence? It completely surrounds you now. Bask in it, sweetheart. There is a lot of love in this world for you now.
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RIP sweet Sheba. Look out for Belle and MacGregor, and Koku and Chloe -- they'll show you around, and give you lots of good chases.
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I'm sorry; maybe this isn't the right place for anger; but I hate the way those owners neglected their dog. I just hate it. It isn't fair.

If I've learned anything over the past months, living with three dogs, I know they need attention... you're their pack, you're all they have... and when they don't get that, they'll literally die of heartbreak, even without getting parvo from a dirty yard.


At least she's free of them now.
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RIP sweet Sheba. I'm happy at least she had you to show her some love. I only pray that those people don't get another animal. They don't deserve the unconditional love these animals give us and make our lives so full and rich.
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Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge Sheba
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Play happy and free over the Bridge, sweet Sheba.

Beautiful poem Lois.
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oh how I weep for sweet darling Sheba. You were too good for this life

run and play happily darling

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Poor little Sheba. At least now you are no longer alone. There at the Bridge you have lots of friends to play with and they love you. RIP
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RIP Sheba. You are in a much better place now.
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