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My cat always meows

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Hi everybody ,

I'm new here so first of all : hello

I have a question. I addopted a cat about 2 weeks ago. She was hanging around our house a few days and then we decided to give her food and a place to sleep.

Although she has nothing to complain about she keeps on "meowing" (don't know the english word for it but the sound that a cat can make ). It seems like whenever she sees somebody she makes that noise.

Is this an attention trick or is there something wrong ?
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It sounds like she's trying to tell you something (meowing is the English word for it ). It could be that she's looking for more food or she wants to be petted. Cats are very good at training people to do what the cat wants them to do.
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Look at things from her point of view. Ok, she has a warm place and regular food, but her world has changed and she doesn't know why. And although she obviously wants to be with you, she is also used to being outside. So she is confused and is expressing it. Give her love and lots of time - it could take as much as a few months before she calms down completely. And of course, she may simply be a very vocal cat - some are much more so than others.
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Thanks for the replies.

I was not sure what he was trying to tell me. When our last cat (Grey) would meow, we knew what he wanted-someone had to come and open the door to the garage so he could hunt mice. With Brady I do not know yet.
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Hi DW. I am a newer cat owner too and our cat, KitKat, came to us under the same circumstances that your new cat came to you. KitKat also meows quite a bit, sometimes constantly. I know how you are feeling and the meowing can sometimes be frustrating, but the reward of having a loving pet/friend is great.

What others have said is true, just be patient and give her a lot of love. I've had KitKat since July and we are still working with her.

Has your new cat been to the vet yet? A check-up might help. Also, Feliway can help (I haven't had as much luck with it as others, but for most people, it seems to be working). I'm also currently researching Bach Rescue Remedy. A friend told me about it and I may give it a try too.

Good luck and try to remain patient. Your new little friend is probably adjusting to her new life with you and she just needs some time.
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OOops I just see that I replied on the wrong thread. Sorry DW, I had posted something similar and in my morning fog thought this was the thread that I had started. I am going to get get some more coffee.....
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i got my kitten under the same circumstances and he's also very vocal. it could be her adjusting to being indoors all the time. with my boy it's when he wants food or just wants attention. i kind of like that he's very vocal - i'm a dog person so it's nice to have a cat that's kind of like a dog.
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Hi everybody ,

Thanks for the answers and like you guys said , the meowing has become less frequent. I'm planning on going to the vett this week and have a general check up, just to be sure .

I think she is getting used to her new home.

Thanks again

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