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Advice please

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I am not sure if this is the right area but feel free to move it if not. I have a 7 year old spayed female, Bells. Since having to put her brother Hoggie down a few weeks ago, she is very lonely since they had always been together. She is handling it okay, but sometime in the future I would love to get her a new friend. For her age and gender, do you think a cat about her age would be best, maybe a male( neutered of course)? Or would she be more accepting of a kitten. She is not an agressive cat at all and loves the dogs but Hoggie was her only feline companion. Any input from those who have gone through something similar would be great. I realize that all cats are different and you never know, but I would love to hear other experiences. Thank you all for your help!
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First off remember that all cats are different in their induvidual behavior.

Secondly remember that almost all cats will go thru a hising/freaking out/growling stage with newcomers and it takes time to get most cats to even tolerate each other, let alone like each other.

Third remember that cats will usually "fight" for dominancy in the household, people tend to forget that, throw two cats together, they freak out and the owner decides their cat must be an only cat forever.

That being said, I would suggest a younger male, neutered of course. Go thru the complete introduction procedures, let them determine alpha and work it out and eventually they should be fine together.
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I would say based on her age, that a male kitten/young cat neutered would be best.
Blaze was about a year old when we got Corwin and she only hissed once or twice and was fine with him.We got Lilly a bit later and she does NOT like her or the other 2 that we've added to our family.
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My experience has been that the two cats I've had the longest have done better when I've introduced a new adult cat to the home. They really rebelled recently when I temporarily took a kitten in. I think they kitten just annoyed them because he was so active and they are so layed back.
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I have a bit of expirience introducing new cats. I have cat sat for neighbors and friends before and grew from 2 cats to 3 to 4 to 6. Based on my expirience, Adult cats are most resistant to new animals and need longer to adjust. The most successful integrations are when the new cat is isolated for a week or two. I introduce timeshare. My cats favorite place is my bedroom, so I will put them up in there and allow new kitty free roam without fear or attack. After more timeshares, we start face to face intros, usually with the new cat in a carrier. My timetable is completely determined by my established cats reactions.

Make sure to feed them seperately at first and always feed the new kitty last. Exchanging items with each cat's smells on them helps with the adjustment. We also try to have one of us give attention to our established cats at the same time the other visits the new kitty. Feliway can also be of great aid in reducing stress. As for gender, my four boys all get along well with each other, but my two girls were always very bitchy. I definately think a male cat would be the way to go, but either way a fixed animal will be more social.
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When I add to my family, I try to keep the male/female ratio even. KittenKiya is the resident senior and he is a male. He doesn't care if the new one is a male or female, but ChanKahli does. She is female.

I would suggest a neutered male. That way you have one of each, and when you intoduce the next one, they can comfort each other....and then gang up on the new one (joke).
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