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Friday's DT

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Fifi is OK after her tooth extraction. Bless her little heart. I left her at the vet wearing her plastic identity collar, bemused and a little concerned.

I'm going to leave work in half an hour to pick her up and she will get heaps of love and fussing over the weekend.

Other than that, it's been a quiet day. Got caught in a filthy rainstorm at lunchtime after spending far too much money on Este Lauder face products. I'll have to hide the receipt before I get home, else I'm in BIG trubbs. I've had to sit here with wet boots on, and as it's hot in the office it is most uncomfortable!!

Uneventful weekend planned. Gardening, housework and general watching of old videos is in order methinks! Oh, and a letting agent just called with potentially a solicitor who might want to rent my top bedroom - fingers crossed . . .

Have a good one everybody
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Hello all! I am tired again, because once again no sleep. Ghys - I have tried bananas and herbal relaxants, but when I am in "insomnia" phase nothing really works.

I got home from work yesterday and hubby was in a better mood that I have seen him in a long time. I kept thinking "what did he do/buy/break that he needs to butter me up for". Apparently he just was happy - weird for him. He says this weekend is my weekend to do what I want. i plan on the drive in tonight (Reign of Fire and Signs) and tomorrow the Ren Festival. I just have to make sure he doesn't find out about the International Beer festival in town.
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I'm not sleeping well, either. Don't know why - things are going well. I hate my job but, I can deal with it. Guess I'd better pick up another bottle of melatonin. That works well for me.

Got a long one, today: 12:30-10:30. My boss has stuck me with those hours every Friday, for over a month. We have one whiner at work who gets him to juggle the schedule, to suit her. Its always something, with her: "my babysitter won't work evenings", "I have to do this", "I have to do that". The rest of us DO have lives, you know. She's not the only single parent, there. Three of the girls are single, with babies and THEY manage just fine. I, always managed, when my kids were small. Heck, I went back to work, when Mark was just 6 days old.

Got the weekend off, though. Bought some targets and Bill got a couple of sheets of plywood: we're going pistol shooting, tomorrow.

Have a god wekend, all!
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Plans for the weekend? Packing, oh joy. It will be done with soon, so at least I have that to look forward to.

I'm leaving work in about 1/2 hour, so that's pretty nice. We had our office meeting last night, and I was delegated some projects. They are all pretty low-priority, "when you have time" things, but at least I will have something to do for the next couple weeks.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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Adrienne, I know what you mean. When I'm in the insomnia mode, nothing works for me, either. I was awake from Pittsburgh to Flagstaff on a train trip I took. I get so tired of looking at the inside of my eyelids! Have you tried getting up and out of the bedroom? Sometimes it's better to just give in and try later. I know you have to get up for work, but you can't sleep anyway! I hope you have fun this weekend!
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!
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Well, the drive in was cancelled for tonight - hubby has a very upset stomach. Possible food poisening. So I am trying to keep cool in the basement and catch up on my e-mail etc as I only look at it every 4 or 5 days (that is bad I know). I always have at least 15 e-mail to read when I do finally log in. Hopefully I'll still get to go to the Ren festival tomorrow.

Jeanie - I have tried the getting up, but that is even worse for me - I know that if I am in bed there is still a chance of catching a few minutes rest. Oh well - I'll try again tonight!
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