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I bought a new car!!!!!

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YAY!!! i bought a new car!!
well its used but with only 6 thousand miles!
Its a 2006 Saturn Ion2 in stormy gray!
here a link..its an 07 pictured but its pretty much the same thing.

I didnt think i could do it without a cosigner but i did!(pulled teeth)

Before i was driving a '97 grand am. it was an ugly red. and wouldnt make it throught the winter. oh and the driver window didnt roll down.

Luck be it I went to go trade it in today and get the new car and I went to pull it out of my spot and it wouldnt start. I had to pay some tow truck guy $40 to give me a jump.... FORTY DOLLARS!!!!
Insane if you ask me.

anyways..just wanted to share my excitement with you guys!
have a great night and see ya on the board!
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Con garts!
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Thanks guys!
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Congrates and welcome to the big payments nice nearly new car club
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Ooohh! New car! Thats so exciting! I got a new car this past March, and I'm still on a high from it! Its so awesome getting in and driving - its like getting a present everyday.... until you have to pay your car payment each month!

Congratulations - enjoy it!
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I'm not happy about the payments but if you want new things ya gotta pay a little for it.
You bet Im excited! My insurance went up $10 only.

ahhh let the cautious/anal driving begin!
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Hubby and I bought a new Ford Fusion this past Friday and traded in our old '97 Escort. It was time to stop putting money into repairs every month and start putting it toward car payments...

I will admit though, every now and then I have a mini panic attack when I think about how much its costing us!
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