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Urgent! A Call To Arms!

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Pet Co, Wal-Mart and PIJAC are all working against SB 1357 and were able to get it pulled by the appropriations committee.

On WEDNESDAY August 14th, there will be a rehearing of the bill. Here’s where we need your help. We need FAXED LETTERS OF SUPPORT sent to BEVERLEE MCGRATH at fax # (805) 984-9686. Beverlee McGrath will be hand carrying these faxes to Wednesday’s hearing. These faxed letters are CRITICAL and even more important than your attendance.

We need anyone connected with animal rescue groups or anyone who has direct experience with improper care of animals sold by pet stores to FAX LETTERS OF SUPPORT. If you do not live in CALIFORNIA, send this to someone who does!

PLEASE CROSS POST on as many animal rescue/lists/forums/groups as possible.

CLICK here for a detailed description of SB 1357


You may write a simple letter in you own words or copy and paste the sample letter below. YOU MUST SIGN YOUR LETTER WITH YOUR NAME AND FULL ADDRESS.


To: Members of the assembly appropriations committee


As a resident of California concerned about the proper care of pets, I request your AYE vote on SB 1357.

This senate bill requires that pet stores hand out care sheets with the animals that they sell. This is a bill that makes sense.

As a rescue group, we are flooded with animals that people purchase from pet stores. Once the animals are taken home, people realize that they have little or no knowledge on how to provide proper care. As a result, the animals are poorly cared for, taken to animal shelters or end up in a rescue sickly and diseased.

We support SB 1357. Pet stores must be required to distribute educational information on caring for all animals they sell. Consumers need to be educated, up front, about the proper care of animals they purchase.

We are counting on your AYE vote on SB 1357.

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Jin, Thanks so much for informing us. A brochure or pamphlet to be sent home with every pet sold would not be a financial hardship for the pet stores. When I raised collies, I included a soft-backed book about the care and history of the breed, a pedigree, a health certificate, the registration papers, and a generous bag of the food the pups were eating. I did not consider that excessive, just thorough. My pups were champion sired, with a winning dam, but my price was much less than that of the pet shops! I wish people would go to shelters and responsible breeders rather than pet shops, but that won't change things!
Californians, please take a few minutes to read the bill and, if you agree, fax your letters promptly! Pass the word! Thanks.
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It is amazing that stores would be against this! If they are worried about cost, they could just add five cents to the cost of the animal which would more than cover the cost of the paper and printing!
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Personally, I don't think cats and dogs should be sold at shops. They will invariably be caged most of that time and won't get proper socializaion - this is not a healthy environment for young animals.

I am happy to say most pet shops in Israel today will not have dogs and cats for sale at the shop. They will only put you in contact with breeders that raise the pups and kittens at home. Whenever I still see a shop that has puppies or kittens (very rare), I will go inside and let the owners know I won't buy anything from them and will tell everyone I know to avoid their shop.
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Anne, I totally agree with you! I don't believe guinea pigs, hamsters, rats or any other animal should be sold in pet stores, either! That is part of the reason this bill is so important. If we can't stop them from selling the animals, they should at least be required to give out proper care information along with those animals.

Just a bit of background on this - some of the people working so hard for this bill are from a guinea pig site. ( http://www.guinealynx.info/forums/th...id=8&styleid=5 ) Guinea pigs are sold to uninformed or misinformed customers who then take them home and end up with a dead pet a week or month or so afterwards. They've fought and fought to ban the sale of any live animal from pet stores, to no avail. So with the well-being of the animals in mind, this bill would at LEAST require the pet stores to INFORM the purchaser of proper care. Not only for guinea pigs, but for cats, dogs, chinchillas, and all other live animals.

I guess what I'm trying to say (rather ineptly) is that requiring the stores to hand out care sheets is one step better than what they're doing now, which is nothing.

I personally only buy supplies from a local store that does not sell animals. They have a bulletin board up for breeders and rescuers, and anyone interested in obtaining a pet can get that information off the board. (I have my own ad up there for my foster guinea pigs! )
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VERY few pet stores have pets they sell anymore. The ones that do? Well, all I can say is I wasn't impressed with their care and upkeep not to mention the CAR prices to buy them! I'd pay it willingly if I could VISABLY see they were cared for proper, I felt so sorry for them. I think if these stores in question can afford to have you sign their waiver forms they can afford to print a seperate one about proper care and treatment, than again who are they to talk--sad, sad all around.
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