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Sith or jedi

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Joji is my senior cat so I expect a more layback behavior. She proved me wrong yesterday when I had a couple with their young son drop in for a visit. The 10 year old brought his huge starwars lightsaber toy. You know the one - battery operated with lights and sounds like the movie. It was turned on and the lad was waving it around acting out a starwars character. The kittens watched him from afar and the adult cats just disappeared EXCEPT for Joji. She came down from the chair she was napping on, stood infront of the boy, whined, meowed and tried to swat that stupid toy, at the same time her fur was puffing out and she did look pretty irritated. I think if I didn't tell the kid to turn off and keep the saber, Joji would have done it for me the feline way. The force or its dark side was with my Joji for sure!
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May the force be with Joji
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LOL, I'm with the cat! Those types of toys are irritating!!!!!!! I'm surprised that his parents let him bring such a noisey toy with him and didn't ask if you minded first.
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Jedi? You mean like this?

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What a great picture, Callista!

Aw, the light sabers aren't that bad... ours aren't that loud! What color was the boy's blade? That's how you can tell which "side" Joji's on!

Cheers, from
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Heh. I hope I got the right cat from her sig. :P
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Most honorable Joji wan!
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