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Hi All,

After getting another threat, I decided now is the time to start trying to ween kitty from the outside world, and make him an inny. last night was the 1st night...the earplugs helped when I went to bed, and even as I type this, I can hear him meowing. I'm hoping it doesn't make me lose it, but is there anything I can do to try to relax him?

I try to play with them as much as I other cat doesn't mind being inside, and is enjoying more playtime than usual...chasing that laser around for 10 minutes tires her out, but he still wanted to go out afterwards.

I read about Feliway...would that help at all?? Thanks for any info y'all go.

On a side note, saw something so sad on the local news...2 kittens found on the side of the highway....appeared like someone may have throw them out of a moving vehicle....1 seems alright, and the other went for surgery to remove some broken bone fragments from it's face....If 2 cats weren't enough for me...I'd go get that little guy after it's better, but the @%$#& who did that should have to pay...that be my 2 cents