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bold cats

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please help! are there any collars out there that act as a good prevention to birdys getting caught by bold cats? the bell around the collar didn't really work and the birdys being killed is getting worse...i need it to stop but how? getting rid of cat isn't an option and its getting birdy down.
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Hello birdy and welcome to TCS. I am moving your thread over to our Care and Grooming forum, where it may get some more helpful suggestions.
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Usually the trick with the bells on the collar works. Where is kitty getting the birds? If it's in the trees,you can build a net to prevent kitty from getting into the trees. If kitty leaves the yard quite a bit, you could think about building an outdoor enclosure to let kitty outside but keep the birds safe.
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There is no kind of collar that will stop a cat from killing birds. The suggestion of an outdoor enclosure would be the best thing. Kitty gets to be outdoors, but can't catch birds. My husband built an outdoor enclosure using plastic hardware cloth (I think that is what it is called) nailed to the wooden frame. It was in the garden section of our home improvement store.

If you have bird feeders in your yard, that will draw in the birds more, having more birds around to tempt kitty. So, if you let your cat roam freely, it would be best to not have things to attract birds.

Maybe you can harness train your cat and take her out on supervised outings to the yard.
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This company makes a collar for cats that stops their attacks on birds. Here is the website. Good luck with your bold cats.

The Liberator
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Hissy, that was a fascinating link to the Liberator collar. I never knew there was such a thing. It gives a great explanation about why bells on collars don't work to alert birds,since the bell CAN'T ring while the cat is in the smooth flight of a split-second attack. I also like how they mention the annoyance of the bell ringing all the time during a cat's ordinary movements. It would drive me crazy to have a bell attached to my neck, ringing every single time I moved. I'm sure it irritates the heck out of cats, who have more sensitive hearing than humans.

I still think, though, an outdoor enclosure for cats is better than letting them roam free. I've seen way too many dead cats in the road and sure don't want to ever see any of mine there, in that state.
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