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It appears we have a ferocious thief in our midst....

"Hmm...what's this fuzzy thing I pulled of Meowmie's shelf?"

"Let me just slide it over here real quiet like for a better look!"

"Oh no! I've been spotted! I better make a run for it! Sure is hard to run with this big thing!"

"Now I've got you right where I want you!"

"Hmm...maybe I should put it in my bowl like the TTP & B Bandit!"

"Darn! On the run again!"

"Now I've got 2 of em following me!" (notice Mooch's ears in the bottom center of the pic.)

"They're still after me!"

"I'm gonna get me a taste of that bunny too!"

"I better just take care of you now!"

"Mfff! This thing is tougher than I thought!"

Shortly after this Meowmie put the camera down and spared the poor Bunny Grammy gave her for Easter. Bunny is back on the safe desk where she belongs!
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hahaa, poor kitty, you took away there toy
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That's to cute! Bagheera has stolen some of my stuffed animals before.
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Aw, isn't it so cute when they try to walk around with something thats bigger than them?
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love it!
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That thing is bigger than she is!!
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Those are wonderful pics!! I love how you described them too.Makes you feel as if you were there!!
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thats funny
Mikey used to take my socks after i was done wearing them for the day (yucky) but now he's stuck on finding and stealing my hair ties.
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haha, he was bound and determined to keep that bunny for himself and have some privacy!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Aw, isn't it so cute when they try to walk around with something thats bigger than them?
Yep! She was waddling trying to walk with it!
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Great pics! Maia has a teddy bear she likes to show whos the boss with!
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that is so funny - I love it when they THINK they can sneak off with something - well something that is twice their size and they can only take two steps then re-adjust the grip - so funny !
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