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Vibes for my parents....

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As I will be posting in Crossing the Bridge, my mom's cat, PJ, is being PTS tonight. She hasn't been eating. I will go on more in the Bridge. I just wanted to know if you guys could spare some prayers for my parents at this difficult time. As most of you know, they lost dad's cat Sassy(whom I posted a pic of in PJ's post in the Bridge) on the 13th so this is hard for them. Thanks.
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My heart goes out to your family..they must be devastated..I'm so sorry
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Awwwwww.I am sending prayers their way for comfort during this hard time.
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That must be so hard so soon after loosing Sassy.
for both your parents & for you.
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I´m so sorry about it..... you left me spechless....

My Deep condolences to your parents...
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Oh no - they must be devasted losing both of them so close together! My heart goes out to them. Deepest condolences to your parents and your family. I know this must be very difficult for them.
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My heart goes out to your parents. Sending many prayers for all of you.
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Im so sorry they are going through this. Sending out many vibes to your parents and to you
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How awful for them -- and you. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
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So sorry... they are in my thoughts.

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How horrible for your parents sending many healing prayers and vibes
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I'm so sorry for their (and your) loss.
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That is awful. I am so sorry for them. Comfort vibes on their way.
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sending lots of positive vibes!
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