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Hi, We wanted to introduce ourselves!

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We are new to this forum but thrilled to have found a place where owners and cats can share experiences and life stories. Kiki LaRue' is an Long Hair Mixed Orange Tabby found tossed in a rubbish bin at 2 weeks old. We took her in and loved her into a gorgeous cat with an exceptional personality. Kiki comes from California; she has driven from Calif to Maine and then flew over to Germany with her family.

She went from being an outdoor kitty to and indoor cat. She is a lot more lovable and affectionate now that we spend all our time with her.

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What a horrible start to life for little Kiki. Good to know she now has a loving home and loads of attention.

Great to have Kiki and co here. A long hair mix orange tabby . . . sounds beautiful, do you have any pictures - we'd love to see some pictures.

Hope you hear more stories of Kiki or anything else you'd feel like chatting about in the near future!
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Welcome Kiki LaRue!
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Glad to have you here. I agree, send pictures. And how wonderful of you to save poor Kiki.
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Welcome to the site! I love Kiki's name. What an amazing life she has had - all thanks to you. I'm sure you have an unbelievable bond with her.

As you can see, we shamelessly beg for pictures. We just love seeing everyone's beautiful babies.

I look forward to getting to know you and Kiki better. Happy posting!
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Due to the fact that Kiki was found in the trash can - however behaved and looked like a princess - we compromised on her name.
LaRue' in french means street. It sounds very posh however she
is really a street kitty and we cant deny where she came.

We have given her the name she truly deserves. If you have ever read the story "Metro Cat" it shares a story about a very exquisite cat who ends up on the streets as a result of travelling. We believe she truly is from a very prestigious blood line (deep in our hearts).

Thanks for the warm welcome!! We are both delighted to be here to share our adventures!!!

Kiki's Mom
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I have tried a couple of things and nothing seems to be working. If this does not work.

Share with me how to do this!!! Thanks
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Probably the problem is that the picture is too big. It has to be smaller than 400x400 pixels, and less than 33240 bytes (33Kb). Try to shrink the pic using whatever photo editing software you have and then you can attach it using the "Attach File" Browse button below. Also, check out the "Your Computer Questions Answered" in The Cat Lounge forum. I know that there are a few descriptions of how to post your pics. Don't feel bad, this is the most common problem people have here.
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HALLO, von einem anderen Nutzer der Katzenseite.Ich hoffe doch ,daß Deutsch möglich ist.Ich wohne im Norden Deutschlands in der Marmeladenstadt Bad Schwartau und habe 2 Katzen:Lily eine Kurzhaarkatze aus dem Tierheim und Pinsel ,eine Maine Coon, von einer ganz fabelhaften ZÜCHTERIN aus Süddeutschland.Wir haben seit gut 20 Jahren Katzen und können uns ein Leben ohne sie nicht vorstellen. und haben deshalb auch immer wieder eine Katze ins Haus geholt.Ich bin eigentlich immer auf der Suche nach Katzenfreunden und würde mich freuen von Ihnen zu hören , am besten an meine private e-mail. Dort ist man nicht so beschränkt(Elisabet@ provos.org)
Viele herzliche Grüße und alles Gute Ihre Elisabeth Provos-Killing
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Thats cool Elisabeth that you wrote in German!
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