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Photos Of My Baby

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Okay, I got a little camera happy!!!

Check our our new kitten Cooper!

She loves the camera.

Photos of Cooper
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Cooper is such a cutie!
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Cooper is just the sweetest. You're lucky to have such cute baby.
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What an adorable little kitten! I really enjoyed looking at all those cute pictures!
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What a beautiful kitty cat! I love little grey kittens.
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Cute pictures!!! She definitely looks happy.
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What a cutie! Cooper is definitely a little doll-baby. And such purrsonality - you can see that glimmer in his eyes!

Thanks for sharing!
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awwwww look at the pretty kitteh I want another cat now.
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Originally posted by susieq
Cooper is adorable!! And I just LOVE his name. His got the kind of face you want to suck all the fur off. :tounge2:
HER!!! Cooper is a SHE!!!

Nick wanted to buy a Mini Cooper ...Car we went on a test drive and he was too tall to fit into the car!

That same weekend we got a kitten... we named her after the Mini Cooper Nick couldn't have!
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OH!!! Cooper is so cute!! :laughing: I loved the pictures... looks like you're going to have your hands full.
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I see your kitty is either a Russian Blue or Immitation Russian Blue. I have an Immitation Russian Blue; she looks just like one except her eyes are a dull green and not a bright green and she has grey paw pads instead of pink.
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Cooper is a real beauty! I think that #34 is my favorite picture of her! What a lot of personality
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Oh my GOOODNESSS!!!! How cute is she!!!!! We just love those pictures and the captions cracked us up!!!
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AWWWWWW, Cooper is a doll!!!! What a cutie she is! And I too enjoyed the captions...especially "Can you hear me now?" :laughing:
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What a Cutie - and what a Purrsonality! I love all the pics, but especially the Don't you dare sit down one!

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Very Entertaining!!!! :laughing:

I loved the pics of Cooper. SHE really is a sweetie and looks very happy and content!

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Aww!! shes such a cutie!! thanks for sharing the pics!!!
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C A M E R A H A P P Y!!

Cooper 12 weeks old

Cooper 14 weeks old

more photos in 2 weeks!

(Nick said I'm feeding her too much - I have to take pictures
to prove him wrong!!)
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Adorable!!! I love the second one!! It looks like a professional (sp?)photograph!!
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Loved the "gonna get you birdy" one! Priceless!
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